For some unknown reason I’ve decided to aim for an 11amish showing of “Superman Returns” tomorrow. I liked the bit I saw of Supes fighting the plane at the opening of the movie, so I figured what the heck. If I hate it then I’m out about 6 bucks. If I go I’ll be sure to post my thoughts. We’ll see though, there is a good chance I won’t be making it. If it’s raining in the morning I’ll probably wake up with a headache.

A new trailer is out for “Spiderman 3” on This movie looks really good, much better than “Superman Returns.”

Last night we started watching this Russian vampire flick “Night Watch.” Got maybe 45 minutes into it and started falling asleep. Very weird, but interesting so far. It’s like “The Matrix” meets “Underworld.” If I can stay awake long enough I’ll finish the rest tonight.


PS, since my friends keep asking, I haven’t had the webcam on much lately because I’ve been feeling lousy when I wake up. My allergies are flaring up, my eyes constantly water and I look like I’m dying from some disease when I’m on the cam.

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