Blame It On The Rain, Yeah Yeah

Here in the northeast it has been raining a lot, a whole lot. Not as much as back home in Virginia, where my mom informs me the creek down the street has flooded and is making it’s way up the hill. It has been raining a lot here though. In our extended ten day forecast, there are only two days that will be without rain, and only one of them which is a sunny day. The 4th of July looks to be very wet this year in Philadelphia. I don’t know if it is the rain or what, but I am so tired. I have felt like I’m going to fall asleep since about 3pm this afternoon. I didn’t dare take a nap as it would keep me up even later tonight, and I am going to start trying to go to bed at more decent hours.

Tonight I am watching this new ABC Family drama “Kyle XY.” I am not that impressed so far. I am actually annoyed by the way the whole thing is narrated. *update* Later on it actually got a little more interesting. I liked the previews for the rest of the season too. I’ll probably tune in again next week. If you missed it there is an encore on Friday.

This weekend I am attending a friends birthday party. It will be . . . interesting. She is actually a friend of a friend, but I like her a lot. The party is at a pier bar in Philly. For those who don’t know these are bar/clubs/restaurants on Delaware Ave which sit on the old piers. These is usually referred to as “Frat Boy Row” by many people. I have previously been to this bar with them before, though we didn’t stay too long. By time they cleared the dinner tables out to make way for the “dance floor” we scrammed. This time we will probably be there a bit longer. We also scrammed when the Jersey and South Philly girls with their big hair showed up, scary! I can safely say this ISN’T my type of place to be hanging out, but oh well. My one friend Jen will have her new boy there, and Kellie will be there too. I have a feeling Kellie may be on the prowl for men. They are the two I know the best, the other people I would more or less call acquaintances from hanging out with Jen. I’ll be sure to take my camera and take photos 🙂



3 Responses to “Blame It On The Rain, Yeah Yeah”

Ricky Says:

PLEASE!!!! COULD YOU SHIP SOME OF THE RAIN OVER TO COLORADO???My grass is dead dry,and it has been pretty hot for spring time.102 last week for a day,other days 90+.Yuck.


Aravis Says:

Raining all the time here in CT too. The yard loves it even if I don’t. I slipped in the mud and fell on my butt as though sliding into home base tonight. I wasn’t hurt so had to laugh. But Colorado is welcome to my share of the forecast for the rest of the week. *G*

I also watched Kyle and am looking forward to seeing where they go from here. Did you notice that the production company is called “Two Cigarettes and a Match?” Odd name for a company producing a “family” show. ;0)


Char Says:

And you thought it rained alot in Oregon and Washington! We in WA are having 90+ weather this week…you should be here….the rain right now would help with some of the fires….LOL