Reading Is Fundamental

I have been feeling oogy the past few days. Today was the third straight day we’ve seen above 90 degrees temps in the Philly region. All week long I have been puffy and had watery eyes, my allergies are getting to me. Tomorrow I’m going to fill my prescription for Zyrtec and hope it helps.

I just received an amazon order today, yeah! First up I ordered Eragon and Eldest, two fantasy books that have been getting a lot of hype as the new Harry Potter-esque books for kids. Eragon is coming out this fall as a movie, so I figured I’d better read these books. I am not sure when I’ll have the time though, probably at the gym (which I still haven’t started back at, it’s too fricken hard to get there without my own car).

I also got my Suzanne Somers book for her Somersizing diet. I can honestly say to pull this off I will have to start eating meat again, no doubt about it! It’s all about eating certain food groups in right combinations. While there is no calorie counting or using “low fat” or “non-fat” foods (aside from dairy products), it still isn’t that easy. For example no more pizza! You can’t combine fatty cheese with carbs/bread 🙁 No more burgers! No meats and fats with carbs/bread 🙁 I think this is actually going to be tougher than just cutting calories! But Suzanne claims after awhile I won’t miss those other foods. Yeah we’ll see about that “Chrissy Snow!”

Friday night looking to plan another night out in the city for some fun, not sure if it’s going to happen. Oh did I also mention “Reverend Snow’s Daughter” says no alcohol on the diet either? At least not on level one.

This weekend it’s also back to Virginia for awhile.



5 Responses to “Reading Is Fundamental”

lori Says:

Eragon and Eldest? I have never heard of them, are those the titles of the books, or charcators? Are they wizard style like witches and stuff, which I guess would be Harry Potter style, or fantasy like Chronicles of Narnia,, I guess I really should Google more! I love to read and I am always looking for something new, so I look forward to hearing your reviews as you read them. I have just started a blog, must be the last person I know who didn’t have one, and I have links to the books I am currently reading. Kinda cool, some kind of feature that the book cover comes up on the link. Anyways, enough blabbing,, and more googleing on my part.


Dustin Says:

These are the book names. I got both, hard cover from Amazon in a set for like 20 bucks, which is the cost of the two paper backs alone.

They are fantasy oriented. Some people love them, others say they are unoriginal and he’s basically copied far too much from other fantasy series.


lori Says:

I checked out the movie info,, wow! It says Ian McKellen was suppose to be in it, but had to back out due to X3. Some good actors though,, Robert Carlyle, John Malkovich, and Jeremy Irons are all excellent!


Aravis Says:

I’ve read them both and think they’re excellent! But not Harry Potteresque. These days anything that involves magic is labelled “The next Harry Potter” just for sales. Ridiculous. It’s a great story on its own merits. I can’t wait for the third novel in the trilogy to be released. :0)


Cyrus Says:

I am so impressed that you were able to fit “oogy,” “Eragon” and “Somersizing” into one coherent post! That’s why I keep comin’ back. 🙂