Suzanne Somers, This Is My Bad Side!

So I finished Suzanne’s book, minus the chapters on Menopause and Children, cause they don’t apply to me 🙂 I dunno, this seems to require eating a lot of meat, though I could substitute salads (big ones!) and eggs of some sort for some meals like lunch. I just don’t like meat all that much, except for the bad for me stuff like burgers. That’s basically what pushed me to be a vegetarian in the first place (and I never should have stopped!)

I have to say some of her recipes sound really good. I could do some of her chickens and even the eggplant parm, yum. Other recipes make me want to smack her over the head really hard, for example “Zucchini Noodles and Meatballs.” This are EXACTLY what you think they are, noodles made from peeling strips off of a zucchini. Thank you but no way Suzanne! I still have one more book of her’s that Amazon just shipped, so I am looking forward (I guess) to see what recipes are in there. She has lots of soup recipes, I’m not a soup fan, it’s NOT filling unless it’s something like French Onion Soup, yum! Of course that’s not allowed, grr.

I think I might try and get a pasta maker so I can make all sorts of whole wheat and spinach/veggie pastas. Hell with a farm across the street I have easy access to the ingredients. Years ago I used to be an infomercial junkie, I always wanted to get the Ronco Pasta Maker. But for 109 dollars I’ll pass. I was watching the infomercials about that thing in like High School, I think it was that much back then too! BTW I also want a Magic Bullet 🙂

I’m headed out later to do a bit of shopping, hopefully get my hair cut if Hair Cuttery isn’t packed (I’m sure it is). This means all my grey will be back. Thoughts on what fun color I should dye my hair this time? My mom always likes when I go with a deep burgundy. She didn’t like my last experiment, which was a lighter brown.

This Saturday I have plans with J and maybe K. Fun night out! We also may have a reason to really celebrate, before heading out we are going to car shop that day 🙂 I doubt I’ll drive away with anything on the lot, I’m too picky. They would have to have EXACTLY what I want for me to do that, which I doubt. They are probably going to have to locate one at a dealer and have it transferred in. Going to test drive the new Camry, a Rav 4 and maybe a Matrix. I may check out a Prius too, their new hybrid car.


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