Okay so I don’t have a secret. Well I do, but doesn’t everyone? It’s nothing big. This post is about Game Show Network’s “I’ve Got A Secret”. I’m so addicted to this show! It comes on at 11:30 pm weeknights, because things on it can get a little naughty. The secrets aren’t naught, but the panel’s comments can be. It’s way fun, and if you head over to the site you can listen to people’s video secrets, some of which ARE racy!

They are coming to Philly on June 10th and 11th with their “I’ve Got A Secret” video tour, which is were many of those video secrets on the page are coming from. Now I have to think up something juicy to tell, but not something that will get me in trouble.


4 Replies to “I’ve Got A Secret . . . .”

  1. I used to love the old b&w version, and I just discovered this new one this weekend. You’re right: it’s so much fun! :0)

  2. I was reading in The Advocate that ALL the panel is gay. My bf tried to say the hottie isn’t..I said, “see that book on my bookshelf? It was written my Billy Bean and yes, sweetie, he is gay!”

  3. Yeah I think that is hilarious that they included an all gay panel for a show called “I got a secret.”

    Billy Bean came out a year or two ago in the Advocate I think 🙂

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