X3 and Oidz

So we went to see X3 tonight. WOW. I am basically in shock. Was it a good movie? Yes. The best of the three? No. The delima I’m having is that they basically did things they never EVER should have done. Thus I’m not sure how I feel about it all. Also for all the hype over Angel being added to the film, they really didn’t use him at all. I felt he was completely pointless. I don’t want to say anything else because to do so would spoil the film, and there is a hell of a lot to spoil. If you go and see the film you must stay through the credits, there is a secret scene put in at the end which is important . . . . though I’m not sure why they added it in as this is supposed to be the last of the films.

Meanwhile, my wonderful friend sent me a link to this site for these toys which are a hit in the UK. They are called Oidz. She got knock off ones in Texas, and as far as I can tell the originals aren’t for sale anywhere but the UK. That will probably change. It better as I want me some Oidz! I figured I shouldn’t be the only one suffering not having Oidz, so head over to http://www.oidz.co.uk/theorbiter.htm and suffer a long with me, you’ll want them too!



7 Responses to “X3 and Oidz”

Rebecca Says:

Ya I was in shock throughout the film

its rumoured that there is more films ….but I dont have a concrete source for that

I missed the extra scene….but heard about it today…..its pretty weird

It was an awesome movie though


lori Says:

there is a link to the extra scene at http://www.themoviespoiler.com…. I guess a lot of people missed it due to leaving while credits where still rolling.


Rebecca Says:


Ya my housemate and I realized it when we got home….


Aravis Says:

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I did see Hugh Jackman interviewed. He said that this is the last X-Men movie, but that there are definitely spin-offs planned. Wolverine will be making an appearance in them. This was said either on Leno or Conan O’Brien- saw both interviews and can’t remember which one he said it on…


Dustin Says:

Fox announced there would be and Xmen 4, this one was the end of the first “trilogy” of films.

I don’t know how they can continue after this one lol.


Emily Says:

Hugh Jackman is signed up to do a movie called “Wolverine”. Similarly, Ian McKellen is signed up to do a movie called “Magneto”.

It’s not the end of the X-men. Not by a long shot.


Rebecca Says:

ok, ‘Magneto’ and ‘wolverine’ like clearly they are still X-men movies

I will still watch it of course!