I hope everyone has something fun planned, I sure as hell don’t! I had tentative plans to see X3, do dinner and then go dancing with friends today/tonight. It all fell apart though. L forgot she had a prior engagement and couldn’t do the movie, but could have met up later. J had a friend decide to invite herself over this weekend and is in limbo. E hurt her back, and M decided she’d rather go out Sunday night instead. Myself, I’ve just hoping the migraine that has haunted me for three days doesn’t decide to come back. So far it hasn’t, thank the lord.

Hit the grocery store today, figured I’d better get in and out as quick as I could. It was D E A D dead. I guess everyone has gone to the shore for the weekend, that or they all hit it early this morning. I was very good, I bought NO meat products. I have not eaten meat since New York, so maybe I can manage with the “no meat unless I’m at a restaurant” rule. Tomorrow I’m determined to hit the gym in the morning, assuming I have no signs of an impending migraine return.

I may, if I can motivate myself, go see X3 on my own tonight. Though I would probably do better to wait until the week when it’s not going to be PACKED with annoying children and probably annoying adults on their cell phones. I really want to see this film though and have heard good things from those who have already seen it.

M and I have tentative plans to go out tomorrow night and at least try and find something fun to do. Since Monday is a holiday it gives us the rare opportunity to do something fun in the city on a Sunday. I’m going to try and convince J to come out as well. I’m not sure what we are going to do though. Woody’s has a 70s and 80s night that we could check out. We did this only one time before, it was Labor Day weekend and my birthday. Because people didn’t have to go to work the next morning, the place was PACKED. Though having never been there on Sunday before, it could always be that packed. It was also filled with scary people like this individual . . .

Be very thankful you cannot see this Barry Gibb wannabees tight ass white jeans! He was frightening, and we wondered how long he spent in the bathroom feathering his hair that night. I will take a camera tomorrow night in case it’s a repeat of Labor Day. I should get some great photos!


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  1. He will, but he works too much 🙁 He’s usually pooped by time he gets home, and this is a loooong weekend for him given it’s Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. I was supposed to go see X3 tonight too, and my plans fell through due to 1) everyone at the cottage without me (cant go because Im spending the better part of the day in first aid training )and 2) freakin weddings or things related to weddings (stag and does)

    so I am spending Sat Night alone 🙁 and no X-men 🙁

    But of course in 3 weeks Im at camp with the kiddies which means little to know ‘alone time’ …..

  3. Is he self employed,, or just have a very demanding boss? My hubby doesn’t go to movies with me because our tastes are so different. Even if there is a good movie out, he works 5 nights a week, so when he has a night off he says he doesnt like to be crammed in a theatre. I manage to get him to maybe 1 matinee a year.

  4. So how is your diet going? Are you still not eating any meat? And what ever happened to that 100 list?????? Did you forget about it? Anyway good luck!!

  5. I haven’t had meat in a few days, I stocked up veggie burgers and stuff in case I feel the need for a hamburger or something bad.

    I didn’t forget about it, I just haven’t worked on it in a while. It’s not easy to get to 100

  6. yeah, thanks for leaving out the guy’s tight-ass WHITE jeans! (the shirt is enough to make you want to gag!) whoever told a certain co-worker of mine that tight-ass, WHITE jeans would help him pull, had a wicked sense of humor!

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