1. How many places have you lived in your life?

I BELIEVE I’m now in my 9th house/home/apt/ect, though 10 if you count that my mom and brother moved after I moved out for Grad School (it is my grandmother’s old home so I’m familiar with it).

2. Which was your favorite and why and what street was it on?

Helm Court in Burke Va. It’s basically where I spent most of my childhood. While I have terrible memories of the place and schools associated with it, I loved the neighborhood and the friends I made in the neighborhood (none of which I have contact with anymore, oh well).

3. If you could live anywhere for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Too hard to decide! I do love some of the islands in the Caribbean I’ve been to on cruises, but hurricanes are a problem and the cost of living, such as having things shipped there is insane.

4. What would your ideal home have in it?

Lots of technological innovations probably, and a live in maid who cleaned every single day so I didn’t have to.

5. Can you describe your current crib?

Not really mine? I always forget the name of the style of house, something Cottage, it was built around the 1900s. It has a specific name and style associated with it.


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  1. I have moved one time in my life(underprivledged character).I just turned 50!. By the way,do you know that everyone has a pornstar name.You take the name of the first pet you had,and the name of the first street you lived on. Mine in Bonnie,Garfield.

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