Uhg! I can’t make up my mind on these cars! J and I went to the Toyota lot the other day just to look. The new Rav 4’s are big, bigger than the older ones. A little too big for what I wanted, but I will test drive it. They also don’t come in the blue color I liked anymore, so if I want a Rav 4 I’ll probably have to get an older used model.

I can get a new Rav 4 model in a nice burgundy/burnt red that is nice. Car buying issue #1, the boyfriend has a bright red Honda CR-V so I feel I can’t buy a red car of any type. Silly I know, he thought so too. J agreed with me, “That would be geeky to have two red cars.”

The Toyota Matrix, I just don’t like the space age shape of the newer models. I figure if I think a car is ugly, no matter how good a drive, I shouldn’t buy it. I’ll probably end up hating it. I didn’t see many used models of the Matrix on the lot.

I LOVED the new design of the Camry, very sporty. Another bonus, it comes in a shade of blue I like. Car buying issue #2, my mom has a Camry (older model). I feel like I can’t buy a Camry since my mom has one. J agrees again, she didn’t buy a Honda Accord because that’s all her parents drive. However it’s enough of a shape difference if I go with the new model that I could live with.

I looked into some other cars really quick, I LOVE the look and the price of the new Honda Fit (which has replaced the Civic SI as their hatchback/wagon). However it has the LOWEST horsepower of all the hatchback/wagons I’ve looked at. Like considerably lower horse power. I imagine myself driving one of those pull back race cars when I think of the horsepower in this thing.

The PT Cruiser, which I know most people hate, ironically has the most horsepower of the wagons I’ve looked at. Right now it’s still in contention, but I’d have to get a new one. The older models I agree are butt ugly, they are longer and look like hearses. While I like dead things, I’d rather not drive a hearse. I am liking the new Camry a lot more than the Rav 4, I just have to over come that my mom has one.

If anyone else has any suggestions let me hear them 🙂 I have looked into the Subaru wagons, but they start at a price above a lot of the other cars (though probably equal to the Rav4). Ford and GM cars are out since those two companies are not doing well at all. I’m trying not to buy a car from a company that might go under. Also, I am trying to stay away from 2-door cars, transporting dogs in them probably isn’t fun or easy.


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  1. dustin,

    you should definatly get the camry..i have leased 2 of them and they are great cars..i never had a problem and toyota is a great company to deal with…really consider it you will be happy…as for mom having it its not like you guys live together you’ll get over it when you see how much you’ll live the camry….good luck!!! -jen

  2. What about the Hybrid Camry? That would make your car different from your mom and… you’d be doing a good thing!!

  3. I honestly don’t know enough about hybrids actually. My friend said in terms of gas, you aren’t going to see any savings unless your getting a Hybrid SUV. Basically what your doing is being more eco-friendly.

  4. The more I look at the new camry the more I like them. But I just realized they are the 07 camry’s I like, so now savings if I get an 06 🙁

  5. Since you’re a Toyota fan, have you looked at the Scions at all? I know that the xB is a little boxy for some tastes, but the xA just looks like a lot of hatchback/wagons. The gas mileage is amazing and the price can’t be beat as far as I’m concerned. I have not personally test driven one so I can not vouch for the horsepower. But, I have heard good things. It even comes in a nice blue! 🙂 Good luck. I’m sure you’ll find the right car for you.

  6. Look at you out looking around for a good gas milage suv and I just went out and got a v-8 mountianeer. Cool blog you have here have a good weekend.

  7. I have a 2003 Camry. We went with a Toyota because we drive a lot of miles and they have a reputation of being durable. This is the best car we’ve ever owned (and we’ve owned plenty.) The gas mileage is great and there have been no mechanical problems. We test drove a PT Cruiser when we were car shopping and thought the car felt cheap. A friend had one and complained of the gas mileage. That’s been a few years ago- maybe they’ve improved them.

  8. Oh, I know, all of you are going to kill me, but my hubby works for the Chrysler/ Dodge/Jeep/ Eagle and Honda stores as a Parts manager for over 20 years, and REALLY stands behind the Chrysler/Dodge brands… I personally like the chevy camaro (the old muscle cars) but I do drive a newer Chrysler and a new Dodge truck (montana and all) They are so dependable, and parts are affordable (not just because I have a connection…)

    I’ve driven almost any car known to man as my hubby’s whole family is in the car business… about the PT cruiser… well, it’s not the cheapest car to fix if you have an accident or?? and most of my friends that have owned them have sold right away, buyers regret and all….Well, good luck! – some of the new Honda’s are pretty nice also

  9. Thanks for the feedback 🙂 Right now it’s between the Rav4 and Camry. See I keep changing my mind! I think I might end up going with a toyota in the end, and I’m probably going to get a camry and try and pimp it out with a moonroof and a spoiler to make it as different as my “mom’s car” as I can lol.

  10. Hi Dustin, been a long time fan of the soap pages. I don’t know anything about cars except don’t buy American. When you are ready to make a purchase, you might want to think of going thru autobytel.com or edmunds.com. It’s a way to get a car for a good price without having to bargan w/ a salesperson. With the sites, you basically select the make, model, options, and color you want for your car then within a day, dealerships near your area will email or call you with prices. I got my Honda Civic thru autobytel.com and saved about $1200. The dealership that sent me the price was about 1 hr away from where I live but it was well worth the savings and hassel. I hope this helps. Best Regards.

  11. I really don’t believe in buying anything but American, but I can understand why people make such decisions. I also heard that GM might not be in trouble as previously believed. Love my Grand Am btw.

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