Martha Recap!

So the following is my full recap of my Martha Day! I would have had this up earlier had I not been sidelined with a migraine today. I’m sure I’m leaving some things out by accident, and I know I’m leaving some things out on purpose cause I’m just afraid of Martha 🙂

We arrived at the studio WAY too early, but that gave us time to walk around New York. I was with my friends J and K and new friend R (yes, all women). We walked around NY to kill the time. We did find out that Hugh Jackman was the guest, someone we thought might be based on the the upcoming guests were. We were very excited!

We finally came back to the studio around the time we were told. I was getting a headache at this point, I pop some pills to be safe. I also used Martha’s studio bathroom before the show. I was NOT impressed! As J who also used it commented, not a Martha quality bathroom! It was basically your run of the mill restroom.

We are finally, after a long wait, taken into the studio. Of course we were seated all the way in the back at the top row, the furthest away from Hugh Jackman and also the closest to the hot ass studio lights. I took some quick shots of the studio, but a lot of my photos were coming out horribly orange, probably due to the lights. Let me tell you there were SO many lights, it was insane. At one point I was afraid I was going to pass out, I had taken migraine medicine and we had been sitting in the studio for soooooo long!

The craft and gardening areas

The kitchen area, where Martha came in from

So for starters, we are told Hugh is late, he’s doing Letterman or something (I think it was actually Conan). So we are informed we’ll be taping the show backwards, the later segments before the first segments. However before that can happen we have to do the promos for the fall. Originally they asked us for volunteers to ask questions, none of us wanted to as we all decided we’d see ourselves on commercials all summer and decide we looked terrible.

The whole audience was filmed as we had fake reactions. We had to Ooooooooh! With delight, as well as go Mmmmmmm! Then we had to applaud, do a huge applause, and a standing ovation. We also had to laugh like something really funny was said, and we had to make an “Aha!” face as if something brilliant was pointed out to us. Oh and we had to act like we were surprised by something. I have no idea HOW they are going to fit all this into the promos.

Next Martha comes out and these people stood up and asked questions to Martha. One lady stood up right in front of us and asked a question, so I may actually be blurred in the background on one promo. You never know! Too bad I can’t remember the question she asked (I think it was if there was any guest that taught her something new, her answer was Jeff Daniels).

Then Martha had to tape various promos, since there was time. Martha didn’t appear happy at all, we didn’t no why. Was she angry that Hugh was late? More likely she was angry about the pending civil law suit against her that broke in today’s news. She wasn’t happy, and she decided one of the promos (Hi Such and Such, I’m moving this fall to such and such channel) was poorly written and didn’t make sense, it had to be changed. She was right! So we watched her filming these until she decided no more of this, she probably didn’t like doing it in front of the audience.

Eventually they start taping the show, backwards of course. We watch her decorate a delectable “Secret Garden Cake” and also make Red, White and Blue candle centerpieces, perfect for your Memorial Day celebration or the Forth of July. At this point Martha seemed to be lightening up and having a better time.

These segments are filmed. BTW, we are all told when to applaud, when to say “Ooooooh!” and when to go “Mmmmmmmm!” The warm-up guy Joey Kola does all this. We have MORE time to fill, Joey begins giving out our fabulous gifts. He tells us it’s not a big give away day, he’s right.

These gifts sucked! And the sad part is, not everyone got them! We took them home in pink “Quilted Norther Toilet Paper” tote bags. Not everyone got them either. The perfume is terrible and the shampoo and conditioner smells like ass. The coupon is good for a big pack of toilet paper for free, that was nice I guess. Eventually they did feed us cupcakes, store bought from Whole Foods next door, as well as give us a “Healthy Beef Cookbook” book, not written by Martha. Oh well!

Martha does a question and answer segment to fill time, we made my friend J ask her a question about whether her first PBS holiday special will ever be released. She doesn’t know if there are plans for it. R wanted the answer to this. R was the biggest Martha fan.

Finally, after waiting a long long time, Hugh Jackman arrives! Hugh talks about his movie and his kids, then cooks with Martha. They make potato salad and turkey burgers. The burgers looked real good too, why couldn’t they have made enough for us damn it! They didn’t even feed us the “Secret Garden Cake.” Arg! We were there for almost five hours, we were HUGRY!

The show ends and we finally headed out to dinner. On the ride home we began actually smelling our free samples from the Martha show, this is when we realized they smelled like ass. We began taking photos of each other playing Vanna with them, very funny but I’m not posting photos of my friends without their permission 🙂

It was a fun trip, but a long day because Hugh was so late. He’s Hugh, he’s forgiven. I’d totally do it again, and if you love Martha I suggest going if you can. Oh, wait, I am doing it again! R emailed the studio about the “experience” and being held there so long, they offered to have us back for a live taping and give us VIP tickets.


PS Be sure to go to Martha’s site for the Turkey Burger recipe on Monday. I mean it, they looked goooooooood!

PSS 2 fricken dollars to add cheese to an already 10 dollar hamburger. WTF! Is New York cheese somehow better than cheese everywhere else?


8 Responses to “Martha Recap!”

lori Says:

Thanks for the write up! Too bad about the “ass” part of it. Do you get to use the VIP tickets when ever you want,, or are they for a specific taping date? Are you seated as you file in? First in gets first row etc? Was Martha rude to her staff behind the scenes?


Ricky Says:

She still seems VERY PLASTIC to me.


*HelloKitty* Says:

She does seems very bitchy!! Do you notice on the show she always cuts off her guests? She never really lets them talk. You just see the bitch in her. She’s evil!!


lori Says:

heheehee,, and ya gotta love it when one of her guests does a better cake/cookie/etc than she does,, HAHAHAHA,, hilarity insues,, hahahaa! Ya,, she just looks plain nasty if ya ask me. I couldnt stand how high and mighty she came off on her Apprentice show,, and she wrote that dumb letter at the end. I think I saw 3 episodes in bits and pieces, hoping it would get better,, but NO!


Aravis Says:

It sucks that you were stuck there for so long without decent snacks or gifts, and in the heat of the lamps. But oh! you got to see Hugh. I would endure worse than that for Hugh. I really like how devoted he is to his family and, let’s face it, he’s just beautiful. *G*


Dustin Says:

She didn’t really yell at her staff in front of us, but she did excuse herself to have a closed door meeting. We knew someone was getting yelled at probobly 🙂

We have to pick three dates for the VIP tickets.


Dustin Says:

Oh Hugh made us all say happy birthday to his dad in his own digital camera, it was a gift to him lol.


hot lunch Says:

didn’t i tell you she wouldn’t feed u?! oy! what’s up with that??? isn’t that why she has that big ass kitchen for? so she can feed the whole audience? Whatevs! I also got a dumb parting gift – Carnie Wilson’s cookbook. As if she knows anything about cooking! There’s an actual chapter for what to eat if you’ve gone and gotten your stomach stapled… um, because there are so many people who go around doing that…