After watching the tours of the Rav 4 and Camry, I’m so getting one of those cars! I loved the insides of them and all the features they now come with. I’m hoping to test drive both like this week and make a decision. I have to go home in two weeks, would be awesome not to have to rent a car to take down home!


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  1. How exciting is it to go for test drives! That new car smell over and over and over again! Did you hit a Ferrari dealership or Lamborghini dealership? I kinda wandered if they make you pass a credit check before test driving one of their cars.

  2. I think I got it figured out. I started a MySpace blog today and have no idea what I was thinking when I entered the link for it,(in the URI space) I put the wrong one. I have never done a blog space, so got really overwhelmed by the whole thing. Sorry bout all that. So,, did ya test drive any $100,000+ cars? I heard in Seattle there was a multi-million dollar home for sale, and to even get a viewing you had to be pre-approved for the morgage by the bank. I guess their way of weeding out the lookie-loos. I would love to go through an open house in a mansion some day.

  3. I went back and fixed them 🙂 I haven’t test drove anything yet, and don’t know how they make sure I don’t steal the car lol

  4. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer takes the salesman on a ride, and they decide to see how far they can go before running out of gas.

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