Did anyone brave the crowds to go shopping for the before noon sales? I just couldn’t make myself do it. The only things I was interested in were DVDs, and I just couldn’t make myself do it. I didn’t need to save 5 bucks that badly. Maybe if I was buying ten DVDs or so, but not for 2-3 of them. The crowds, the lines, the traffic, so not worth it!


4 Replies to “Black Friday”

  1. Not enough good sales around here to get up for. I did, however, have to be at work at 5am so I was up.

  2. Of course I did. And I did all of my Christmas shopping for $150!! Thats for my husband and my 2 kids. It’s crazy but sometimes worth it. I only really went for the toys and the DVDs.

  3. Hey there, for those who are in the days chatroom this is BLUEBYRDETTE!!! I worked for Walmart for almost 10 years and I had enough of getting up early to work there on Customer Service Desk so I didnt do the”early” Friday thing LOL.

    I didnt go shopping real early but I did make it at a decent hour. Got some good bargains though. Talk to u all later, Great blog Dustin!! Kaye aka BLUEBYRDETTE

  4. I didn’t get up super early, but I marched into Office Depot at 9AM and got a 1GB digital camera memory card for $29.99, which was $70.00 off the regular price- well worth braving the crowds!


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