So I’m seeking some recommendations on song downloads. I don’t know what to download though. I’m trying to recall some songs I have heard on the radio that I really like, but there aren’t many. I’m also limited to what I can get legally online. I refuse to go the illegal route, fearing lawsuits and also spyware!

So I’m turning to you my readers. Any recommendations? I normally tend to like pop, dance and electronic music mostly. I like rock music, but not really today’s rock. I prefer the rock of the 80s and early 90s. However I want new songs, not old songs from my childhood and early twenties.

So I guess pop, dance and electronic type music. No rap, hip-hop or country please 🙂 Any recommendations? Oh, please no boy bands either. Sorry, I can’t deal with them!


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  1. Dustin,
    I have over 2,000 songs in my computer that I could send you a CD, if you like. I have way too many to type but I have dowloaded songs for years off the internet…(now legally) but 75% of them were from Kaaza before they cracked down on laws. Just e-mail 20 or 30 songs/artist you would like and I can send ya a mix:)
    My favorites off hand are:
    Keane-Bend and Break
    When Smoky Sings ( HA) by ABC
    Carribean Blue by Enya ( anything Enya)
    Summer’s Gone by Aberfeldy
    Hazy Shade of Winter-Bangles
    Madolin Rain-Bruce Hornsby
    UP on the Roof-Carole King
    Anything Indigo Girls
    Just LIke Jesse James-Cher
    Anything Sade
    Anything Tears for fears..
    I have just about any artist you can think of. I have live and rare’s etc…
    Just shoot me a list and I will go from there, if your intrested!

  2. Right now I am totally into Jem and tell anyone who will listen to me to check her out! She sang on the OC season 1 season finale at Julie and Caleb’s wedding. She is like Dido but way cooler. I just checked iTunes and you can’t actually get her entire CD there…just a few songs but I HIGHLY reccommend a listen to her.

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