So I just saw a commercial for Doggy Steps! I have seen them before in stores and considered getting them, but they were always pricey.

Princess is such a baby when it comes to getting up on the couch to sit with me or getting up and down from the bed. She won’t do it! The bed is too high for her to begin with, but the couch isn’t. I have a little foot cushion/rest thing (I forget the proper name) and have tried to use it as a step for her. She won’t do it. She demands to be picked up and put on the couch, though she can jump off it just fine. Hmm, given she won’t climb up on the foot rest, maybe I should save my money on these steps. She probably won’t use them. She’s so silly, she’ll do steps if they are outside, but in the house she is petrified of the stairs.

Oh yeah, I’d like to point something out in the photo to the left. Does it look like the dog is climbing into the trunk of the car or what!


5 Replies to “Doggy Steps”

  1. My 10 lb Yorkie tore ligaments in his legs by jumping off my bed! DOGGIE STEPS ARE A MUST FOR SMALL DOGS!

  2. The pup might be getting into the back of an SUV. Some people arrange that as a little play/rest area for their little darlings while they are on the road.

  3. The trunk thing cracked me up! The more I looked at the picture I started thinking about the steps appealing to lazy dog-nappers! They could just pull their cars up to the park, throw out the steps and bait the trunk with Greenies!

    Are we going to have to teach our dogs how to kick out a tail light from inside the trunk and waive their paw around outside to get help? Okay, it’s getting late cause I am crazy!!

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