Yes, I’ve been terrible about blogging. I just have been working so much these past 2-3 years. I work 2 jobs regularly, and third off an on, and work every damn day. I’m hoping this will be changing come next year when good things will hopefully be happening. More on that another time, I don’t want to jinx things.

When I have two seconds to spare I’m usually updating Springdale Farm’s website, which I gave an overhaul to this summer, working on my new Paranormal Anthropology page, and updating and upgrading my paranormal team’s website, TriCounty Paranormal. Good things look to be happening on the paranormal front too. We have some fun investigations scheduled, are planning more, and other things I hope to talk about down the road more.

However, today is Thanksgiving, and I decided if I was going to make a rare blog post here, it has to be about Turkey Lurkey time! Time to enjoy the song and dance that gives the gift of chronic neck pain!