Bunny Poo Poo Has Issues

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.52.36 PM So Little Bunny Poo Poo has been the latest victim of our bad pet karma this year 🙁 Since last summer he’s had bouts with GI stasis. This is when a rabbit’s gastrointestinal track gets messed up and they stop pooping and eating. Rabbits always have to eat, otherwise bad stuff happens. He went through another recently, but this one was worse than ever. He also started having pee pee issues. After many expensive tests, it turned out he had a bladder stone the size of a marble. No joke, I saw it on the x-ray. It wasn’t going to solve itself, and medicine wouldn’t help either. It was surgery or permanent sleep. He’s only five years old and rabbits, believe it or not, can live to bet ten years and older. So we opted for the very expensive surgery.

The first few days after I wondered what in the hell I had done to this poor thing. He was clearly not happy. AT ALL. He was a vegetable that just sat there. The vet never told me it would be better to put him down, so I began to think I made the wrong choice. Fortunately around day three he showed improvement. He’s still not 100% better mind you. He still is having damn poop issues. But he’s also on three medications twice a daily, and I’m still force feeding him even though he’s been eating very well on his own. I hope within the next week he’ll be fully back to himself, because let me tell you the corner where his cage is is stinky no matter how many times a day I clean it!

Meanwhile it seems our bad pet karma has ended up with my mom. She had to put down one of her cats this weekend. No more animals are allowed to get sick or die for several years at this point! I have decried it.


4 Responses to “Bunny Poo Poo Has Issues”

Pat Cheney Says:

so sorry to hear. Hang in there


Sue Says:

Oh my goodness. I had a dog who developed severe pee pee issues. Took her to the vet and x-rays showed her bladder full of rather large stones. Because she was pushing 15 years old we put her to sleep. The Vet didn’t think she would tolerate surgery. Sick animals suck.


Kathryn Says:

I’m glad your bunny is better, and I’m sorry about your bad pet karma. I’ve had my share of it, too, this year, and it sucks! How is Grim doing? I’ve been worried about him.


Dustin Says:

Grimm has been fairly social as of late. Definitely comes out a lot more. Lets us pet him. He doesn’t really have the cuddle buddy he did, the orange cats like to be by themselves. We will likely get him a kitten at some point. It was the plan before bunny needed expensive surgery