I am getting old. So old. But not as old as some of these peeps 🙂 Most still rock.

Stacy Q . . . She’s so rad! That’s a “Full House” quote for the youngsters. Us old folks remember when she appeared on “Facts of Life.”

Shit, Shannon is still awesome, she probably should have not worn that. God bless she can still sing.

I only added this cause that’s Miss Bo Brady on lead vocals.

Lisa Lisa . . . luvs

This was minutes from me and two weeks ago. I didn’t know. I’m crying!

Someone who always comes so close, and I never have seen, but one day it shall happen!


3 Responses to “It’s My Birthday! I Am This Old!”

Pat Cheney Says:

Happy Birthday and many more! Sure miss you on Facebook!


Ericka Says:

Happy Birthday Dustin!


Jen Sweeney Says:

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!