Sandy Cometh!

Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Nor’easter Sandy is on her way! Sadly I have brought in most of Halloween, and given what the weather looks like . . . I doubt it will go back out. I don’t think we are scheduled for sun and dry weather again until Friday. I’m not sure if Halloween has been canceled, or rescheduled for the weekend. I bought all this candy too! It actually only took an hour to bring in, and I didn’t put it away. It’s stored in the guest room. So if I can I may try and put it back out if we get news as to when Halloween will be . . . . Otherwise nobody will come to our house! It’s been the decorations that brought kids the last year or two.

I did at least have a lot of people enjoy the decorations while they lasted. I had many slow drive by cars at night. One guy brought his little son out to see it and we talked for a bit. According to John, one day someone was standing in the middle of our road taking photos . . . until a cop pulled up and yelled at them to get the hell out of the middle of the street.

Anyway, I’ve charged all my electronics, have a small generator fully charged that should power small electronics if we lose power, and have food and water for us and the animals. I’m hoping I won’t even need the generator, but something tells me we’ll lose power at some point. Hopefully not for days! I’m ready for you Sandy . . . .


3 Responses to “Sandy Cometh!”

Pat Cheney Says:

Stay safe, Dustin!


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

So sad. Just left Jen’s yesterday–spent a week enjoying her and my grandson. We had talked about doing the maze this year and hoped to get a peek at your decorations. Jen decided to send me packing before the storm. I was there for Irene and the sudden snowstorm at Christmas two years ago. Seems Jersey loves to give this WV gal a few scares! Palmyra had been doing a big fund drive for a Halloween Parade and fun evening. Hasn’t been decided yet if it will be rescheduled.

Generator—really smart idea. Stay safe and take care of you, the critters, and John.

Hugs—WV Nan


char Says:

Stay safe Dustin; thinking of all of you out here on the west coast… hope all goes well…