So yet another year passed, and I forgot poor Princess’ birthday again! She just turned 8 years young on July 12th. I originally thought it was the 8th, looked it up and found out it was the 12th. Then by the 14th I remembered I had forgotten it! She was of course devastated . . . . okay not really. I need to put this in my iPhone calendar with an alarm set though, along with Nikko, who is in October.

My garden hasn’t been doing so hot this year. I don’t know what’s going on. I guess I had a few good years, now I’m do for a bad one. I put three tomatoes in topsy turvies, two in pots, and one pepper plant in a pot. The one tomato plant in the topsy turvy that I thought wouldn’t amount to much is now doing the best of the three, while the other two seem to be hanging on. I think the heat has been a little too much, and those two get the most sun out of all the plants because of where they are.

Then I had a vermin problem. The groundhogs are back! They devoured half of the best tomato plant that I put in a pot. It has come back, but it probably would have been twice the size it is now. I have since put my halloween zombies out, attached tin foil pans to the tomato ladders to make noise, and have been spraying my plants with various internet remedies to keep the buggers away. So far so good . . . but I just for the first time in a long time saw a groundhog today. Grrrrr!

I have not even touched the two rooms in the house that I said I’d start packing up. Honestly, I’m pretty sure I won’t get to them until the fall at this point. I have a lot of stuff going on. I have taken on a few projects, which are right now only in the planning stages. Nothing huge yet, but come fall it will become some added work for me. Of course it pays nothing right now, the hope is for a future payoff from them and a better job for me in the long run. I’ll discuss all these is a future blog at some point. Hey I gotta keep something to blog about since I have so little to blog about as of late!

I have been keeping up with my diet and fitness regime, and am down about ten pounds! I’ve been doing a lot of classes at my gym in the evenings: Zumba, Step, Boot Camp and Body Blast. This has become all the more important as of late, as it turns out I have high blood pressure. I probably have for years now honestly, but it’s just slowly gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I think this probably explains why I’ve felt so run down and blah for awhile now, as well as the increase in my headaches. I just thought it was the result of stress and the long commutes to and from work. I am now on medication, and it’s wait and see if it works. I am actually waiting for my doctor to return my call as I write this, as I was supposed to check in with her as to how it’s going. So far it’s down slightly, but it’s still high. Boo! Then I have another appointment at the end of the month to review everything and decide whether to try something else or change dosages. Fun fun! John is also being the food police. Actually no he’s just being a brat, telling me how all I’ll be able to eat on the cruises from now on are the bland spa selected meals on the menu.

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