10 Years!

This year’s Oscars marks the 10th anniversary of our 3rd date. I can’t remember when our first 2 dates were. I remember what they were and where though! The first two times we met were times out with mutual friends to “evaluate” both of us. They were basically in various bars in Philly. This was of course because we met on Match.com. I know we met right after Valentines Day in 2002.

To be honest, neither of these three were really dates though. Our first real date was when he asked me out to dinner, which he insisted on paying for, because he wanted it to be a real date. Sadly the restaurant we went to, Astoral Plane, is no longer around.

But this photo is one of the first I think I have of the both of us. It’s from December of 2002, the first Christmas we had together. Ahhh, the lack of grey in my hair, and in his soul patch . . . .


One Response to “10 Years!”

Janelle Says:

Congrats you two! Apparently I’m a bit late on this… I need to really read my blogs more often.

Anywho… congrats again!!! 10, that’s a biggie 🙂