Dreams Can Come True . . . Just Not These

I’ve been trying to get back to a normal sleeping schedule. I begin teaching in 2 weeks, but fortunately my classes are mid to late day. The spring semester I’m not so lucky, very early AM classes. I might have to finally learn to like coffee.

Anyway, lets just say my dreams the past few nights have not been good. I keep getting attacked by homicidal maniacs or crawled all over by bugs. One night I actually kicked all the sheets off the bed.

I don’t know if it’s stress, the “all natural sleeping pills” I decided to try, or Monster Mania anticipation. Maybe all of the above?


5 Responses to “Dreams Can Come True . . . Just Not These”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Hi Dustin—sounds as if you need a vacation from stress. I know this will sounds nuts to you–but has John ever complained about you snoring? So much of what you have been refering to since spring–lack of feeling rested, nightmares etc—could you have sleep apnea? I know it seems as if everyone is “jumping on that bandwagon”, but your experiences fit many of the symptoms.

I’m supposed to wear the cpap mask—not very compliant–but when I do–wow the difference is unbelievable.

Take care my friend–I, along with many others, really do care about you!


Dustin Says:

I do snore, mostly when I’m really congested and can’t breath through my nose. However I don’t think that’s it. John snores more than I do, and yes he wakes me up at times 🙂

This is just stressssss. I have had insomnia off and on since my 3rd or 4th year of school, so i’m used to it. I am fairly certain once this is all over, my life will go back to a lot more normality (yet another reason to rush this thing out the door this fall)


glittermom Says:

my dr. recommended Melatonin and it seems to work for me…


Dustin Says:

The all natural one I bought had melatonin as one of the ingredients. I think I’m just very stressed right now 🙂


Aravis Says:

Ugh, I hate morning classes. Good luck with that, and with getting the needed sleep before them!