Deactivated, Deleted, Destroyed, DeLovely!

So I am making a bigger post on my earlier post about deleting Facebook/Twitter and the like, which was just posted quickly by me during one of my many frantic moods 🙂

….. Okay so basically I had intended to write out all that has been going on and stressing me out, but it’s too much, it will come off as too whiny, and you don’t need to hear it all. Basically same shit different day . . . dissertation writing stress, living off saving stress, upcoming going back to work stress . . . add in the insane heat waves this summer which have just been migraine inducing as well as sitting around and gaining back way too much weight . . . yes I’m a barrel of laughs right now. There is also vacation stress, as whether we go on a vacation in January is yet again up to me. Part of me knows I’ll need a break come January (and I did have a great time last year), the other part of me knows I don’t want that on my credit card bill right now. I’ve been monitoring prices and right now they are going UP, so here is hoping they go back DOWN later on. Oh and then there is John having to work to 9-10pm every other night as well, so I never see him anymore.

So basically all this stress ends up leading to me breaking down and/or blowing up . . . and this last time I went and destroyed all my social networks. I deleted Twitter, Facebook as well as all the check-in apps like Gowalla and Foursquare too.

In part, I realized if I’m gunna be nuts online and vent on these places, I don’t need complete strangers knowing I’m nuts. Twitter/Facebook (because it’s easy to link them) are just too easy to go to and post a quick rant. The blog still takes time . . . signing in, writing the post, proofing it, etc . . . Twitter/Facebook it’s basically just bitch’n’go really. I decided 1) I don’t need to just be using these things as a bitch fest, cause nobody wants to read that and 2) I have way too many people on them I have no idea who they are, so they don’t need to know my private biz-nass.

So I just went on a deletion frenzy 🙂 I guess I should have just deleted people off my lists . . . but somehow at the time I thought this was easier. I know people loved the twitter feed on the blog, but the problem is for it to work properly with the blog, your twitter account needs to be open. That means anyone can sign up and follow you, and unless you take the time to go in and block them . . . they know your biznass. Also for many people Twitter has seems to lost its appeal. The people I got on there to start following don’t use it as much anymore, and most of the updates I see anymore are people spamming 10 news article/links every hour.

As for Facebook . . . well before Twitter/iPhone I never really updated my facebook much. It was too much trouble. I also just approved anyone who asked to be my friend, even if I didn’t really know them, so now I have 300 friends and probably only can really identify who 50 of them are . . . 25 of which I’ve probably actually met in real life.

While my twitter (and 4square etc) accounts got irretrievably deleted, I did save Facebook from utter destruction. I just have too many childhood and obscure friends I’ll never be able to find again on there (though I’m an easy google if they need to find me, the benefit of years of the soap page). So at some point my Facebook will be back. However I’ve decided I need to take a hatchet to my Facebook. I need to go through my friends list and if I don’t recognize the name – – – DELETE! I also need to make lists of trusted friends and general friends, so I can decide who sees what. I need to learn to deny people’s friends requests if I don’t know who they are, and not be afraid to delete/block people – which so far I’ve never done to anyone. However if I’m posting sensitive and personal stuff, I don’t want strangers seeing it!

On the upside, my blog has gotten a lot more attention without Facebook and Twitter 🙂

PS Monster Mania this weekend! So I should be having some fun 🙂


9 Responses to “Deactivated, Deleted, Destroyed, DeLovely!”

BasketRN Says:

Good for you! I’ve begun to feel the same about my facebook-deleted my twitter several months ago, also. Good to see you are looking out for #1-you deserve it. Have to say, I always check your blog to see what you have been up to, as have been following you and your soap page since it started (and your hair was significantly longer, lol). Hang in there!


Richard Says:

Please don’t delete me! You don’t know me from adam and since
you switched to facebook/twitter you don’t blog here often, so
I don’t get many chances to comment. I do, however, enjoy your
rants, complaints and other assorted bad behavior and after
so many years of reading you every day, consider you part of my
internet family. If you must, I understand and will continue to
enjoy your writing here. Sorry things are sucky right now. At
least your yard is beautiful.

PS firefox on a mac seems to have a scrolling problem.


Dustin Says:

I do recognize you on facebook Richard lol. I usually can pick out the Days folks, especially if they’ve commented here or on my facebook.

It’s just the friends of friends, or people who add me I don’t recognize, etc 🙂

Just tried Firefox and I didn’t have an issue, but my guess is it’s probably with loading the youtube videos? I really stopped using Firefox on Mac long ago, I found it crashed too much . . . . which really shouldn’t be happening on a Mac 🙂


Stephen Says:

Oh Dustin,
I hear you brother and am sending prayers your way. Keep taking those deep breaths and make sure you get rest, rest and more rest.
You’re doing a fine job with your posts, etc so hang in there buddy.


Becky Says:

I cleaned out my Facebook page about 2 months ago. The only friends I have on it know are people that I’ve met in real life. I also have the privacy settings set to the max. I don’t want people looking me up if I don’t know them.

I’m sorry that you’ve been having a bad summer. And I’m sure that the heat hasn’t helped. Hope for a much better autumn….for all of us 🙂


Christine Says:

I’m feeling the same way about Twitter…I think its lifespan will be short for me. Like everyone else I do enjoy reading your updates, rants or otherwise, and although you don’t know me personally I hope I can continue to follow the ups and downs of life as you work your way toward dissertation completion! How exciting that will be! Enjoy the rest of your summer (my teaching year starts Sept 1st! Where did the time go?!)


Cassandra Sappington Says:

I like your thinking! Although I can’t give up Facebook, as it helps me get through my day, just being What You See Is What You Get! You are one of a kind, and obviously I love to come & see just what you’re up to!!! 😀 I do miss your Days page, but have really enjoyed your blogs… I haven’t friended you on Facebook, but if you do bring it back.. I would love to be your FRIEND! 😀


Dustin Says:

I’ll let everyone know when it’s back up, and i am going to post every few days that I’m weeding out my friends list, so if I delete someone by accident they can message me to refriend me


Aravis Says:

I’ve tried to only friend people I know and am comfortable with, for that reason. There are some I would not have chosen, but because of their close connections to Randy or other family members I went ahead and okayed them. I’ve decided to ignore them and any conclusions they make about me, however.

I find myself censoring myself more on Twitter. My account there is open, and there are people following me with whom I don’t want to share everything. I’ve thought about closing it, but haven’t so far.

Good for you for taking the steps!