Quick Cruise Photos!

Sorry for the lack of blogs while on the cruise! I’ll have a full report when I return though! Here are some quick photos. I have been on this and the sister ship before, so I really didn’t take too many ship photos except of us and the people we met. I did take photos of the ruins we went to of course, as we’d never seen these ones.


2 Responses to “Quick Cruise Photos!”

Becky Says:

I was so happy to hear that you had a good time this year….except for the massage from hell, and the tofu for dinner 😉


Aravis Says:

I agree with Becky. You were overdue for a good cruise. :0)

Looking at these ruins I at first wondered if you had climbed to the top. Then I remembered the movie, “The Ruins” and, realizing that you’re still alive, came to the conclusion that you had not. *G*