It Was Too Cold For Florida

So we returned to the park yesterday, but the 30s were too cold for Florida. None of the coasters were running, so we were stuck with only inside rides, which thankfully there were plenty of. However I really wanted to do the new Hollywood Rocket, but it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next year?

The cold not only shut down the park, but people too. It seems Floridians aren’t used to this weather and if affected their brains and muscular motor skills. Everyone was moving at the speed of slow it seemed. Everyone except the big jolly gay bear working at the Men in Black ride!

Anyways we are off this morning to Miami to get on the cruise. We are praying that it is actually somewhat warm and we don’t end up with a record cold snap in the Caribbean and stuck on the boat. We one time cruised out of San Diego during a record cold snap, and that whole cruise was just cold!


One Response to “It Was Too Cold For Florida”

glittermom Says:

Hope it all works out weather wise..Either way you will have fun..