Something Stinks!

I realized I had to do a post as it’s been almost a week! Bad me I know, but I don’t have too much to discuss.

First off, if you follow the tweets on the sidebar, you know we have had a “visitor” to the house. Last week I thought someone ran over a skunk outside the house. It happens from time to time living on a farm basically. Turned out I soon learned a skunk sprayed either a fox or the neighbor’s cat in the field. When I walked the dogs before bed, I could tell where the smell was coming from, and it wasn’t the street.

A few days later while returning from a nightly walk with the dogs, they went nuts right outside the back door. I saw something in the yard and realized what it was, the skunk! I got them in fast. I’m pretty sure it’s taken up residence in the bushes (ie overgrown forest) next to the house. Now at night I keep them from sniffing anywhere near the bushes. I fear it won’t be long before we are all sprayed one night :-\

In other news, oh yes, October is fast approaching, which mean Halloween! I never did get the yard landscaped like I hoped to. So I have to cut back the weeds at least, trim the bushes, and then I can start decorating next week! I have to be good and not go crazy with new purchases this year. I am only allowing myself to buy a Michael Meyers mask (to make a Michael scarecrow) and something new to hang in the attic window. I’m thinking a Yurei (funky white lady ghost alah “The Ring” or any of those Asian movies).


3 Responses to “Something Stinks!”

Becky Says:

Good luck keeping everyone spray free! And happy Halloween decorating 🙂


Cb Says:

Do NOT make a mistake and think the skunk is a kittycat…


Aravis Says:

I’ve seen 3 skunks lately. Sadly, they were all roadkill. They seem to be out and about more this year.