Percy Is Possessed

Percy Cat I’m seriously beginning to think we have a ghost cat problem! Percy has become more and more of a bed hog and cuddler than ever before, and it all seems to have started when Lance died. Before Lance died, Percy would occasionally hop on the couch with me at night, or if I was sick and on the couch during the day come lay with me. That was about it. Lance was always the people cat. He was the one always on the couch. He was the one that would nudge you to pet him. He was the one who broke into the bedroom in the morning to come sleep with me.

Well since he died in April, Percy has seemingly taken over that role. He almost every morning breaks into the room to sleep with me after John gets up and leaves for the day. More recently he’s started coming in at night too! He’s also become more and more of an aggressive “pet me now!” kitty by doing the head bumping and face rubbing thing on your hands. Well last night when I refused to pet him cause it was time to go to bed . . . he began nibbling on my fingers!

Why is that important? Well first of all, he’s never done that before. Second, Lance used to have this toe fetish. If there were bare toes available, he’d nibble on them. He would often do it should he want petting and you weren’t accommodating him. I think I might have to take Percy to a pet psychic and possibly find a pet exorcist!

Post Note: Don’t get me wrong, I love that Percy has become possessed a people cat, as none of the other cats in the house are very people social. Plus Percy has always been “my” cat, he comes to me for food and attention. However, I still think he’s possessed!


5 Responses to “Percy Is Possessed”

Cb Says:

I’m thinking he learned all this behavior by watching Lance. But lance always monopolized your time. But now… It’s percussion turn.


Katt Says:

I don’t think he’s possessed…but cats have a chain of command, and Percy wouldn’t have stepped on Lance’s toes, even if he really wanted to. Now that Lance is gone, Percy is free to do whatever he wants…and he wants attention!


jeremy Says:

You never know what Percy is thinking. Pets are empathic and can tell things well before we can, so maybe he wants you to take notice of something that you are overlooking. Attention, a warning, maybe he’s having personality issues…



Aravis Says:

Perhaps Lance felt badly about leaving you with no kitty snuggles, so he’s teaching Percy how to take care of you for him.


brandnewwoo Says:

Percy is sooo cute! Maybe he misses Lance … ?