The Orphan Movie Review

Orphan So on Monday I finally went to see “Orphan,” a new thriller out in theaters now. I’ve been waiting for this movie since I saw the trailer months ago, and it didn’t disappoint!

The movie is about a couple who set out to adopt an older child. The couple are John and Kate (no joke!) and already have two biological children, Max (who is almost completely deaf) and Daniel. Jessica, who was to be their third child, died in the womb. They decided to adopt rather than have another child. As we learn as the movie progresses, the couple has marital problems stemming from alcoholism to affairs.

John and Kate end up deciding to adopt Esther, a tween orphan they meet at a local Catholic girls’ orphanage. She is from Russia and very different from the others. She’s well spoken and very artistic, and has an unusual style of dress. They take her home, and basically the nightmare begins when as the adoption starts to be finalized. It seems a lot of Esther’s records of where she came from are missing, and the last family she was with all mysteriously died in a house fire.

The movie has many scenes that are supposed to make you jump, and I believe I did once or twice. However there are many cringe worthy scenes in the film. You’ll sit there muttering to yourself “Oh no she didn’t!” and “Oh no no no no!” It’s definitely one of the best evil little kid movies I’ve ever seen.

Of course if you’ve seen the trailer, you know there is a twist. The tag line to the movie is “You’ll never guess Esther’s secret.” I think they did a great job with this because I didn’t figure it out at all until the reveal. They do a good job of leading you down several possible paths as to what’s going on with her before the reveal. Of course when you go back, you realize the clues were always there. It’s a far fetched twist, one that of course only works in movies.

Two thumbs up! See it if you can, otherwise rent it when it comes out.


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Becky Says:

This is on my “must see” list. I think I may take Taylor to see it in the next few days. I’m glad it didn’t disappoint! Says:

I have not seen someone that is so manipulating as much as Esther the “Orphan”. Great movie it really produced a certain amount of fear you could feel from the children characters that was realistic.

Pretty Scary huh I actually went to the movie thinking it was going to be another let down which a lot of horror movie are doing these days lacking a good plot and a mixture of bad acting and nothing new in the movies.

But surprisingly i was wrong the Orphan carried a very good storyline with a great plot and plenty of gore.

Great movie would watch it again.

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Janelle Says:

I was waiting on taking Autumn (my nine year old) to see the Time Travelers Wife, but she LOVES and I mean LOVES scary movies, and now I want to take her to see this movie. Oh what to do? what to do? I wish movies were so damn expensive!


iris Says:

Don’t take your child to see this movie. There is a sex scene that is not appropriate for her. Even if you cover her eyes, you will hear the moaning. Also, there was lots of gruesome scenes. Too much for even tweens. Take her to see something else. Adults…go see this movie.


Ross Says:

This is by far the best scary movie i have ever seen. wow. what did i learn from the film? 1. always rapping it up before tapping it, not ever having kids. 2. NEVER EVER EVER ….. EVER ADOPTING A KID. EVER. This is by far the most messed up movie and it was for sure worth the money. Probably would never watch it again due to the fact that my stomach is still not settled 2 hours later.