Mini-Break, That

So Heidi is headed back home today. We had a blast and a busy few days. Thursday we just bummed around here, went to dinner and stuff, then watched TV.

Friday we were originally hoping to go to Hershey Park, but the weather didn’t seem to want to permit. It said it was supposed to storm all afternoon and through the night. We ended up going down to Atlantic City for the day to check it out as the weather there was supposed to be really nice.

I had never been to “AC” and Heidi obviously hadn’t either, as it was her first trip to the area. I think it’s definitely probably more of a night town. It seemed a little dead, but it was mid-day on a Friday. Most people head down Friday afternoon, and we saw the traffic as we were leaving!

We mostly walked on the boardwalk. I stuck my feet in the ocean and it was DAMN cold. I couldn’t imagine swimming in it honestly. We had lunch, got some yummy ice cream and then were pretty worn out from the sun. Neither of us really liked to gamble, and I think Vegas had spoiled us both when it comes to casinos 🙂 We decided to head back home so we could do Hershey on Saturday.

Friday night we headed to Philly so she could see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, other sights. We also went down to Jim’s for a Cheesesteak. The rain finally hit though as we were standing in downtown Philly. Till then it had apparently been nice all day.

Saturday we drove out to Hershey, which was a blast. I hadn’t been since I was probably around 10, when they only had two coasters. Now they are up to 11! I think we ended up doing 8 of them (3 of which we had no interest in for a variety of reasons). One of the coasters we did really didn’t count as it was a kiddie coaster, which I guess I should have figured out by the fact that there was no drop I could find anywhere with my naked eye (the coaster was in the woods). It just went around in circles. After it ended I said “wow that really sucked.” Three little kids however exclaimed it was in fact “the best ride ever.”

Their new coaster “Fahrenheit” was of course the longest wait. It was featured on one of those Discovery Channel top 10 thrill ride shows. It has a lot of inversions and three vertical drops. It was fun, but I think I liked “Storm Runner” way better. It was one of those coasters that shoots you off really fast, straight up a hill, flips you, then you go straight down. Tons of inversions, an awesome corkscrew too. “The Great Bear” was a hanging coaster which I think I might have liked best, but am not sure. We were in the front and half way through the ride it started to poor! So I had to close my eyes as we were assaulted by little water bullets lol. I’ll have to go back one day to compare both and decide.

Yeah, our perfectly sunny day turned stormy for a good hour or so. We stuck it out though, and it did go away. It also seemed to clear the park some 🙂 Oh BTW, if you want to go to Hershey for their new water park . . . DON’T! Go to one of the other water parks in the area instead (and there are tons). It isn’t as big as the commercials make it sound and it’s clear they don’t have running it down pat yet. I think we waited in line for water slides longer than we did for some coasters! It was chaotic for sure.

We finished off the day with a trip to “Hershey World,” where you can shop and buy the world’s biggest Hershey bar. There is also a little ride that takes you through a fake chocolate plant to see how the chocolate is made. I swear when I was little and we came here that you took the monorail from the park to the real factory to see the real stuff being made, but maybe that is what my kiddie mind thought of the faux-factory 🙂 I bought some yummy cookies, which I just finally ate one of. YUMMY!

Anyway, I am worn out. Two days of walking in the sun. I’m whooped! I also think perhaps next week I’m going to finally take a trip to Dorney Park, which I’ve never been to. It has some killer looking coasters, but is a huge huge huge water park. I need to recover from this week first though.


5 Responses to “Mini-Break, That’s A Wrap”

Becky Says:

The one and only I time I was at Hershey’s I was in elementary school. I went through the factory tour. I am positive it was a real tour with real chocolate. At least I think I’m positive about it 🙂

Sounds like you had a great mini-vacation from that damned dissertation! I’m glad you had such a good time!


Dustin Says:

I googled, someone else said it used to be the real factory (well parts of it) you rode though too.


Emily Says:

You mean Chocolate World. Unless they’ve changed it to Hershey World since I was there in May.


WV Nan Says:

Yes, years ago you rode through the actual factory while the chocolate was being made. Got samples also!!


Aravis Says:

With the exception of the long lines and the rain bullets in the face, it sounds like a blast!