Classy . . .


Watching Friday the 13th part 3 with my Jason hockey mask inspired 3D glasses.


4 Responses to “Classy . . .”

Brandy Says:

LOL! I got 3-d glasses with my Freddy box set. I have to admit I like the Freddy and Michael Myers movies better than the Jason movies. Too each his own!!!


Aravis Says:

You look so very suave.



Emily Says:



BlogspotBecky Says:

I got 3-D glasses with Nightmare on Elmstreet movie series set also. My Friday the 13th pt. 3 was in 3-D but it wasn’t the new one that was released this past week. It just was already in the movie with little 3-D effects unlike the new re-released one. I wish I had a pair of 3-D glasses like yours 🙂