Update On Lance

Just an FYI . . . Lance came home last night, he’s doing much better. The vet has him on some pills for the time being and we are waiting to hear when the other vet can see him for a cardiac consult to see what the long term prognosis will be.

Thanks for all your well wishes 🙂


4 Responses to “Update On Lance”

Becky Says:

Welcome home Lance! Hope you’re feeling better:)


Lori Says:

Welcome home Lance!!!!!! A scratch on the belly (gently of course)and behind the ears just for you!!!!


Aravis Says:

Oh the poor baby! And poor you, going through this scare! Have you been able to get him to the cardiologist?

I didn’t know about big cats and the heart trouble. My male cat is very large. I should check into this as well.

Keep us updated!


BlogspotBecky Says:

welcome home Lance