Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Codes!

I just got my copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk WITH Wii Speak today. I lucked out, not only did I have a 10 dollar gift card, but Best Buy messed up so I got another 10 bucks off, and this purchase put me over a threshold to get another 10 dollar gift card. Woot! Anyway, here are my details. It looks like you only have to register the friend code the game gives you and the town name, but I’m including my console friend code too.

Wii Friend Code (Console Code) : 5820 7419 9273 4529
Animal Crossing Code: 4081 8992 1913
Animal Crossing Town Name : SpringDF

Feel free to leave yours in the comments. Never fear, we BOTH have to register for it to work, so some strange person won’t be able to use what you leave to invade your town or mine 🙂


130 Responses to “Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Codes!”

john Says:

raven i gave you a message add me?


Raven Says:

ye im coming to your town


john Says:

KALLIII im online so im jusst finding people im john and my friend code is 4167 7982 7424 hope you get this i already added you


Samantha Says:

hey i added katie alison and jeanna add me back my code is 1934-4217-8642 my town is villa and i grow peaches please add me my gate is always open !!


john Says:

raven i opened my gate come on in you gotta add me first did you


john Says:

bring peaches raven


john Says:

is it working raven?


Raven Says:

ummm lemme try again


john Says:

samantha add me i’ll add you i’ll come to your town


Raven Says:

K gotcha.. anybody else who added me i will check my e-mail in an hour


Raven Says:

Code: 4683-2008-0135
**tELL ME IF U ADD ME and ill add you


Raven Says:

i ADDED Samantha


vince Says:

Fruit: pears
Name: daddy
Town: p street

email me your AC FC if you add me so i can add you 2


Dustin Says:

Okay messages are getting flagged as spam because you all are posting too quick and chatting back and forth. At this point leave an email or an IM to chat with each other. Sorry, this post got picked up by google and it seems everyone is coming here for Animal Crossing codes lol.


vince Says:

my email is


vince Says:

i added raven. i sent you an email too


Landon Says:

Raven, you can come to hyrule. Just G-mail me first.


Landon Says:

in fact anyone! if you ask, ill add you


Jennifer Says:


Town: Austin
Fruit: so far I’ve only found apples
AC FC: 4983 8486 8511

Brand new to the AC game. I just got the game w/speak and I’d love to try it out.


britt Says:

Name – Britt

Town – Dville

Code – 4253-7043-0991

Don’t know hot to contact friends yet.. can someone add me? help!!! lol


jess Says:

My friend code is
And my toen is
And my name is

E-mail me and let me know when you’ve added me
Add me I will add everyone here

My gate is always open


Philip Kim Says:

Hi. I need some friends too. I will add as many as I can. Please add me also.


See you in the city.


Alfonzo Says:

come visit me =]]]

Town: RammEN
FC: 4425-5035-0449


Davian Says:

At about 3pm a whole bunch of you will see a request from Lazer. I added most of you( or at least im going too…. ) and please keep ur gates OPEN for 3-4, I will drop by WITH a present ( but money, well, bells in this case is NO object).I will also bring my fruit with me. it’s a surprise so hope i’ll drop by by 3-4. note: my email isn’t real. i don’t like to give it away.


Davian Says:

3-4 pm too be exact so read this note


Davian Says:

sorry, FRIEND REQUEST by lazer. and, 50 hello bells, plus my fruit from my place. I said 3-4pm because i will get it ( my copy WITHOUT WII SPEAK ) at about 12pm and with 1-2 hours to get everything set up, at three pm my place will be ready for me to go on my first adventure: to a friends house! i will on sunday probably have all fruits in my town. P.S. I KNOW HOW TO GROW A COCONUT TREE!


Steven Says:

hey I’m Stevey you sould add me 😀

Town: Edville
FC: 1977-3697-9442


Jimmy Says:

Hey add me please i have no friends on AC
Name: James
Town: Newark
ac code: 0130-5305-9462

When you add me please e-mail me at with your friend codes Thanks! * Jimmy*


Jimmy Says:

ill add you stevey add me mines Name: James
Town: Newark
ac code: 0130-5305-9462


Dustin Says:

Sorry all, but I’m closing the post off to new comments. It was meant to share codes between myself and people that read the blog, but Google seems to have picked it up and people are coming to it to trade codes.

Two good sites to get and trade Animal Crossing Codes are: