So I’m FINALLY taking the last of Halloween down this weekend. Outside all that’s left are the cobwebs, but I have to wait until the bushes dry. I plan to get some white LED lights I saw at target to add in with the red ones, to at least make the house look a but more candy-cane like and not so “Satan red.” Last year I wanted to get icicle lights too, the old fashion kind that are really light-up icicles, but I never did. Maybe this year?

Inside I’ve done no un-decorating. I will get to it this weekend though. What I have up is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” village, so it kinda can cross over, but not really. Instead of putting everything that was there back though, I’m just going to go start putting Christmas up. It seems all the cool kids and the stores are doing it now anyways. I don’t have the time or energy to put crap back for 2 weeks then do Christmas. Plus I have a lot of Christmas to get out. I am just going to do my Rudolph Village and Sparkletown this weekend.

My “never ending nativity” has been an issue. Last year I joked I needed a display built for it, and just put up select pieces. This year the solution came to me, and it’s actually practical! I have this huge 2 1/2 foot by 7 foot book case I got from Ikea years ago in the spare bedroom. Right now it’s filled with DVDs and Wonder Woman toys, but there is an unused corner here in the living room it would rock in. Of course I’d have to pack everything up and move it out here (it’s bolted to the wall). I then realized, I could probably buy a similar one at Ikea or TarJay and put it out here for the nativity, then after Christmas is over actually stick books, DVDs and videogames in it. The one in the bedroom is too full as is. Perfect solution!

To put me in the Christmas mood, I put the following on my iPhone as my wallpaper and then a clip of “Father Christmas” as the ringtone. It’s from the bestest Christmas movie ever, “Scrooge: The Musical”

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