My Fatty McFatty Photos

I can’t believe I’m ACTUALLY posting these photos, as they are ones I never intended anyone to ever see of me. However I said I would, and after my last post . . . Well, um, I feel the need to eat some humble pie 🙂 I probably need to de-offend some people, and what better way than to humiliate myself even more! BTW, if you were offended by the last post, um, it’s probably best we never meet in person. After the initial awkwardness of meeting, I would surely offend you in some way 🙂

So this WAS me back in January of this year. OMG I’m as big as the castles! The first photo is on the beach in Miami. The second at Disney World. I absolutely hate that this is the one photo I have of myself on my first trip to Disney World in front of the famous castle. I feel the need to go back and take a better photo. Plus not only was I huge, we were squinting into the setting sun as well.

Here I am sometime around April or May, when I dyed my hair blue-black. Ugh, I had just started with the Wii Fit around here I think, as well as I remember cause I used this as my “before” photo actually.

And here I am today! I clocked in at 151.8 pounds this morning. I’m modeling my “little black shirt” in this photo. I bought it 6+ years ago. It’s an Express for Men shirt and it’s a size small. If you have ever seen their small shirts, you know they are smaller than small. I could not even have put this on months ago without looking like a blimp. Even if I sucked my gut in, which BTW I’m not in these photos, I still would have looked huge in it.

Oh yeah, last night a blood vessel under my eye burst. That’s why in these photos it looks like I have a black eye.


8 Responses to “My Fatty McFatty Photos”

Janelle Says:

OMG! I am posting- at work! AWESOME!!! BUT more awesome than that, YOUR PICTURES! You look GREAT!! Good job Dustin, Good Job! err, GREAT JOB I mean! 🙂


Lori Says:

Wow,, did I say WOW?!?!?! You look fantastic! Not that you didn’t before, but now,, well,, did I say WOW? (waving at Janelle at work since I am here, hehe)


WV Nan Says:

WOW!!! What a change since early September—you look amazing and I thought you looked darn good then! GREAT JOB!! Your smile says it all—you ought to be very proud of your hard work and stick-to-it-ness. Hope you aren’t planning on losing more—don’t want to see a “live” ghost walking around the farm!


Becky Says:

Holy crap! You look fantastic! That’s it, you have inspired to suffer the wrath of the Wii Fit (once I get the dust off it) and to try that damn running program. And, I guess its a good thing I don’t get offended easily:)


Lesa Says:

Congratulations Dustin you look great and at least 10 years younger. Amazing.


Katt Says:

Awesome! You look absolutely fantastic!


cb Says:

In that second to last picture, it looks like you are packing some serious HEAT in those jeans!


boo1 Says:

OH Dustin you look so good. Great job.