Banned! Dedicated To Janelle

So I’m currently composing a rare “political” post for my blog, which I tweeted about. Sadly Janelle informed me she’d have to read it at home, because I’ve been fucking banned at her shitty ass workplace! Are you mother fucking kidding me? What in the holy hell did I do to get banned at anyone’s work place?

I mean seriously? I rarely curse on here, aside from this fucking forsaken post, in which I’m doing so to make a fucking point. Sex? Porn? What sex and porn? Oh wait I showed a fake tit on my blog this week constructed of styrofoam. Quick, hide the kids! Are you kidding me? My mommy reads this blog, you think I’m going to be dirty and nasty on it? You think I’m going to talk about nasty dirty gay sex and show a bunch of nekkid men on it? Well okay, my mom lets me curse and fart in her presence, and hell she let me watch “Porky’s” when I was in like the 3rd grade, but please; if I cursed, farted or said nasty shit in public she’d fucking bitch slap me upside my head. Hell she yells at me if I burp outloud!

So this leaves me wondering why I’ve been banned? 1) it’s a gay thing or 2) it’s a youtube video posting thing. Hmmm, I’m pretty sure given what I know about corporate workplace, it’s fairly easy to ban youtube videos without banning a whole site. I could be paranoid, I don’t know. Then again, hello, me getting married could spell the end of the world, but any straight man can get drunk and marry Britney Spears in Vegas and it’s okay in God’s eyes (sorry Britney, I love you! Don’t flame me Chris Crocker!).

Maybe Janelle just stalks my blog at work and therefore they banned it because of her only 🙂 Yes, I think I like that explanation the best, other than accepting that our government and workplaces have resorted to some serious freedom of speech issues. No, not our government! We are “tolerant” peoples! (insert laugh track here).

But hell, seriously, if I’m gunna get banned, then I’m gunna get mother fucking banned in STYLE bitches! So ladies and gentlemen, and flamboyant gentlement (Cher quote!), I give you some “porn.” Oh yes, you read right, here is some nasty, pale-assed, URGLY Janet Jackson Superbowl Titty! Suck on this “National Geographic!”


7 Responses to “Banned! Dedicated To Janelle”

WV Nan Says:

Are you kidding–your site banned? Does the company she works for allow internet surfing from work? Maybe that’s the real problem. But your site banned—floored me. The one positive—got two post out of you in one night!!!


Becky Says:

Don’t feel too bad, her work banned my site the other day! Who knows what those IT people are thinking!


Dustin Says:

Not to take anything away from you Becky, cause I *heart* you so much. But you are on blogspot (correction wordpress, Janelle was on blogspot), a shared domain. But me being on my own, I think Janelle’s company is owned by some near sighted right winged mother f*cker. I *heart* you Janelle with hugs and Smarties Valentine heart shaped kisses 🙂


Dustin Says:

PS I heart Becky and everyone else who comments or reads with chocolate caramel filled heart shapes. I don’t play favorites for those I *heart*


Janelle Says:

Hey Dustin, IE still hates you (ya, I think it’s cause your gay) but firefox LOVES you! I am just now getting firefox at work… I can’t download ANYTHING at work, but the IT guys let this firefox thing slide because they are such big fans of it.


Janelle Says:

Oh and I totally “heart” you too Dustin!!!


Becky Says:

I *heart* you too Dustin….now I want chocolate…