More Conferences On The Horizon

So one conference down, and now it looks like 2 more ahead. The last night of this past conference I had a woman come up to me and ask me to please submit to present the paper I did there at a regional conference in March. Also she thought I should enter it in the student paper competition there. That made me feel tons better about the paper and the presentation after the whole snafu that happened. I am thinking about submitting the paper to present, or a re-tooled version, but not as part of the contest. I fully expect to have defended the dissertation by then, so I won’t really be a student anymore.

Upon checking my email when I got home I found an email about the conference in HotLanta (Atlanta) in April. It’s information about the session my advisor and I are presenting in, basically all the paper abstracts. After reading them over I realized I’m going to have to go because this session, which is actually a symposium at the meetings, looks to be important. Plus I’m willing to bet the organizers plan to publish all the papers in some kind of journal with the year, so I won’t want to miss it.


2 Responses to “More Conferences On The Horizon”

WV Nan Says:

Congrats—-see there is light and recognition at the end of the tunnel!!! Any word on the job offer?


Carrie Says:

That’s awesome! Good luck with the upcoming conferences!!