Who Farted?

So I arrive home today after a 3 hour drive and immediately after walking in the door and crinkle my nose saying “God what smells.” I proceed to do a quick doggie mess check, but all is clean. This leaves the usual suspects . . .

1) The cat pans. 5 cats and if it was up to the BF the pans would be cleaned only before the trash goes out. This is one of the biggest reasons cats will not be replaced when they start going to kitty heaven.

2) The dirty dishes and dog food cans in the sink, as well as something in the garbage. This house is old school, having neither a dish washer nor a garbage disposal.

3) The dogs. In this case I just had them groomed, so I know it wasn’t them stinking up the place. However the sheets on all the couches need to be cleaned.

Needless to say as usual, I spent awhile cleaning the house up. Then I just started to think, what if our house always smells like this and I never notice cause I’m here? When I go away and come back my nose is desensitised and that’s when I smell the stink.

God I need to hire that housekeeper!


6 Responses to “Who Farted?”

jeremy Says:

Or better train the BF in Man Servant duties…



Carrie Says:

I know what you mean. Anytime I’m away from home for any length of time, I noticed an odor when I get home.. it’s not from the dogs though, because I’m pretty anal about that. But it’s this house. It’s an old house.. my luck it’s probably full of mold LOL. Just one more thing to add on that massive chore list!


Sherri Says:

One thing you can do with the pet food cans, instead of putting them in sink or trash put them in a bag in the freezer till you take out the trash. That helps here in Florida. Hope your over your migrane.


Lori Says:

Isn’t it wierd how we get used to smells, and then BOOM, they hit us when we have been gone? I worked in a bakery for 10years, and people would say, oh, fresh bread smells wonderful, or the cashiers would intercom over and ask what kind of cookies just came out of the oven. I couldn’t smell any of it anymore. I no longer work in a bakery, and now, when I walk in the grocery store, I can actually smell what everyone else used to comment on.


Becky Says:

I never laughed so hard as I did when I read this post! I have said that exact same thing more than once. And I really hope that our house doesn’t have a permanent stink to it and I hope that yours doesn’t either:)


boo1 Says:

HAHAHA @ Who Farted?
Sometimes I’m shocked at how bad my house smells when I go out and come back in. Most of the time it’s the cat litter box, with a mix of mold, the bathroom needs cleaning, and the trash needs taken out. Just don’t do what my brother does, his house is so full of air freshner you choke. I swear he uses 1 can a day. Plus his house is spotless the man has OCD.