Xena and Spiders

I brought back all my Xena action figures and dollies and stuff to add to the Wonder Woman room, because I thought she’d be a good compliment to WW, but I didn’t realize I had so many Xena toys! I got them home and looked at the walls in the room and realized, I’m running out of space to hang these things up. I’m going to have to do some re-arranging. At some point I’ll get some photos up of all these toys and this room too.

Tonight we watched “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” which was really good. A lot cuter than I was expecting. It’s based on a series of children’s books, which I have not read. I just remember seeing the trailer and marked it in the back of my head as something to eventually checked out. The movie is about a boy who finds a book in his family’s house that allows him to see the world of magical creatures. To say much more would spoil it. If you like fantasy movies, check it out. Very cute, two thumbs up. My BF even enjoyed it a lot, and stayed awake to watch it all. That’s saying something! Because he enjoyed it so I’ve added “The Last Mimzy” to my rental queue. I watched this a year ago when it came out and fell in love with it, but never got him to see it. We’ve also had “The Golden Compass” sitting here for a month for him to watch too. I’ll pop that in tomorrow night perhaps.


3 Responses to “Xena and Spiders”

cb Says:

Wow. It appears that there IS someone who actually enjoyed the Last Mimsy after all…



Richard Says:

I liked Mimsy. It was supposed to be bad, so I did not have high expectations.

I would someday like to watch a netflix movie and not have it end with me the only one awake in the room. Between the dogs and the husband, there tends to be a lot of sleeping around me at movie time.


Dustin Says:

I really liked it too, I thought it was cute