Vacation Photos!

The above is the only photo I have of me, and it’s not the best. It was at the end of the day, I was hot and tired . . . and really hungry! 🙂

Below is a slideshow of the photos, with a link to the photo album below.



5 Responses to “Vacation Photos!”

Becky Says:

Love the photos! Thanks for sharing:)


Jennifer Says:

Okay now don’t laugh at me too much, cause I don’t own a digital camera or know much about them. But for the first two or three photos, I thought you’d made a bunch of short movies.

And to echo Becky, the photos were lovely. Thanks for posting them.

I was wondering what the heads/faces on the three posts were? And also about the large logs/tree trunks laying on the ground?


Dustin Says:

LOL, I originally just linked to the photo album. But the place I had the photo album has a slide show plug in, so I added it later on.

The big tree trunks were outside of the Jamestown fort. I didn’t ask, it looked like they were carving them down into canoes or something else.

The posts with the faces were at the Powhatan village. I didn’t read the plaque so I can’t be certain who they represent 🙂 There was a circle of them. I know for the tribe I study (the delaware) they represent their lead god in a similar way but paint the face half black and half red, so my guess is it’s some sort of god to their tribe.


BlogspotBecky Says:

Very nice Dustin.


Jennifer Says:

Thanks for the info, Dustin.