Wii Fit and that Indiana Guy

So today was the day, the Wii Fit came out! I headed out this morning to pick mine up, brought the sucker home and got on it. Not only did it tell me I’m fat, but I’m old! My Wii Fit age is way older than me! This s based on your weight, BMI as well as your sense of balance. All of mine suck, therefore I am old.

I found myself a tad shocked at how hard some of the exercises are! Now granted I had gone to the gym this morning and done some cardio, so I could have been a little pooped. But nevertheless, the exercises aren’t all a piece of cake so it will give you a workout. The balance games that come with it are cute and a tad tough as well.

One thing I can recommend is that you are getting or planning to get this, and you have hardwood floors, spend the money to get the exercise mat or any non-slip yoga mat from an exercise store. My feet are sore as is!

Switching gears, tomorrow is the day that “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” comes out. I’m so excited! I bought my ticket for the 11am show tomorrow. I actually for a split second considered going tonight at midnight, but figured it might be insane. They are showing it on 5 screens, so clearly they are expecting people!

After the movie gets out tomorrow I’m considering going to see “Prince Caspian right” after. I am not sure, it will depend if the weather is crummy or not. Otherwise I plan to do Caspian on Friday I hope. There is a big holiday weekend coming up, so I don’t want to try and even go to the movies then!


7 Responses to “Wii Fit and that Indiana Guy”

Aravis Says:

I’m looking forward to both of those movies, but am not sure when I’ll get to see them. I’m saving Caspian until my mother- who introduced me to Narnia as a child- returns from vacation. I’m hoping to talk Randy into taking me to see Jones soon, though!


mlp Says:

My oldest brother is coming to town this weekend, so all of my siblings (6 of us, plus our signifigant others) are getting together to watch Indy on Saturday. It’s going to be crazy. There is NO WAY we are going to be able to find enough seats for everyone to sit together.

Btw, I watched the AVP dvd last night (on your recommendation) and you are NUTS! Cloverfield was SO MUCH better!


Dustin Says:

lol mlp. Did you watch the 2nd one, not the first? I like them both actually, but I thought the 2nd one was just a good old fashion slasher.That’s why I liked it 🙂


mlp Says:

It was the second one. The acting seemed like they did everything in one take, and in the action scenes you could barely tell the Alien and the Predator apart. The alien is NOT supposed to look or move like a “humanoid” type creature. Just irked me a bit.

I actually liked the first one when I watched it a few years ago. Thought it had more eerie suspense and a better story. I am guessing you haven’t come across anything like that on any of your archaeological digs, eh? lol


Dustin Says:

The main alien in the movie was a hybrid though, part predator part alien lol. That didn’t come across well enough I don’t think.


mlp Says:

Really??? I did not get that at all. And I am NOT going to rewatch it just to find out 🙂
Here’s hoping I’ll have better luck with “Seance” so that you will be redeamed as a movie critic in my eyes! (I am refusing to read your review of Indy until after I’ve watched it, so that one doesn’t count) Have a great holiday weekend Dustin.


Dustin Says:

LOL don’t expect “Seance” to actually scare you at all, I only liked it cause it was creepy and I watched it in the dark 🙂