Damn You Best Buy!

So today was the day, the Wii Fit came out! I was so looking forward to this. I put a 5 dollar down payment on it at Best Buy to reserve it, and they gave me a little flier to explain when and how to pick it up. In big letters on the flier it says “Available May 19th!” That’s today of course. I must admit at first I found this odd, because videogames normally ship on Tuesdays and come out on Wednesdays. But Best Buy did spend money printing all these reserve card flier things so they can’t be wrong right? WRONG! I get there today and am told “Yeah they don’t actually come out till Wednesday. I don’t know when these cards were printed or why the date was wrong, sorry.”

Uhg, it was like having Christmas ruined! Okay not that bad, but I wasn’t happy. I had such a crummy weekend. I was in a bad mood the whole weekend and spent too much time cleaning the house (which seems to have helped my allergies on the up side). Princess not only felt bad, she had explosive diarrhea, which i woke up to all over the floor this morning! So all I really wanted was to play Wii Fit, and I’ve been denied!

On the upside, since finally taking getting into shape and losing weight seriously about 2-3 weeks ago, I’ve been finally seeing results. I saw a number on the scale today I haven’t seen in about 2 years, and I’m hoping tomorrow it will be even lower. I also noticed today my face actually was looking a little thinner than usual. Woohoo! For my cruise next year I intend to finally be in the shape I’ve wanted to for years 🙂 Now if only my Wii Fit would get here!


6 Responses to “Damn You Best Buy!”

Aravis Says:

Look at it this way… you still have something to look forward to on Wednesday now!

Sorry to hear about Princess. Unpleasant for all by the sound of it.

And congrats on the weight loss! I’ve put on about 4 pounds which, given how much weight I’d lost, isn’t bad. But I’m feeling that it’s time to nip it in the bud. Unfortunately my knee hasn’t healed yet from a couple of weeks ago (I suspect a ligament is the culprit) so I can’t work out at all. :0( I’m feeling jealous of you and your Wii, but excited for you too. I know how long you’ve been wanting to lose weight, and what a great feeling it is to see those results! Congrats again!


Katt Says:


Less than 24 hours to go…hang in there!


Craig Says:

Congrats on the weight loss! I’m trying to get into better shape with little success. Lately I’ve been turning your average everyday pants into your average everyday stretch pants. Not cool.


Lori Says:

ok, so we will have a video of you “Wii-ing”????? to look forward to? I went to the sight to check it out, basically your getting the ‘board’ thingy right?


Dustin Says:

LOL I don’t think I want a video of me exercising on that board lol. Maybe I’ll make one of the various mini games that come with it.

I also found out that the new SingStar game comes out this week too, ugh! I’ve wanted it for awhile too.


Cassandra Says:

In Best Buys’ defense, there was a mixup with labeled dates….. Even my store couldn’t get them out early..

“Many of you have received the Wii Fit labeled with the street date for May 21, 2008 although the official Nintendo website stated May 19, 2008 as the street date. Please use the street date of May 21, 2008 to release Wii Fit and not before. The ramifications of breaking street date could be the loss of future products from Nintendo being delivered in a timely manner and any market development funds.”

I hope you really enjoy it when you do get it today…. 🙂