P.S. What Happened?

On our very delayed flight home last night they showed “The Golden Compass” which I rather enjoyed, but felt I was left hanging at the end. Grrr! I’m not sure if they are making more or not, so I feel the need to read the books the movie was based on. I know of course the big secret at the end because it was a controversy when the movie came out. The other movie they started showing was “P.S. I Love You” which we never finished! Grrr! Talk about really being left hanging. So I have to wait two weeks for that on DVD.

Anyway, today is my one and only rest day. I slept way too late because of travel and can feel this stone moving in me, so I’m parking my butt on the couch for the day and resting up. I plan to catch up on all the TV I missed while gone. Oh and unfortunately aside from those dam photos, I didn’t take too much in Vegas. I took a lot of digital movies so I’ll be using some time to see what I can string together in my editing software.


5 Responses to “P.S. What Happened?”

Becky Says:

I haven’t seen “The Golden Compass” and I’m not sure I want to. I do want to see the other movie though. And I really am looking forward to seeing your movies of Vegas:) I hope your stone passes quickly and without too much pain. Have a great day catching up on TV:)


Janelle Says:

All my Christian friends have banned me from seeing the Golden Compass. But then again, I watched the other movie… Chronicles of Narnia (I can’t spell!) and had no idea that it was a Christian movie. I watched it again and still don’t see the “Christian” in it. I mean it has good vs. evil and that I get, but so does the Shrek. Anyways, I gotta know, what is the big secret? I really have no idea.


Dustin Says:

For Chronicles, Aslan is basically like Jesus 🙂 The white which is descended from a race spawned by Lilith, Adam’s “first” wife. That wasn’t in the movie. There is also the fact that it was always winter in Narnia, but never Christmas. The Christian themes are there, they just aren’t shoved down your throat.

Now for Golden Compass, spoilers ahead for those who don’t want to know the secret!

The Golden Compass takes place on another world/universe, but what the people on that planet are doing is trying to stop this evil “organization” from finding the secret to break through to other worlds and universes and take over.

Basically from what I understand, at the end of the books what is discovered is there is no God, but a corporation that invented God by which to control man or something of the like. (or the corporation destroys God and takes over).

I plan to get the books and read them, as with any book-to-movie I know a lot has probably been screwed up. Honestly, it seems to me it’s a fantasy version of Douglas Adams “Hitchhikers” stuff. He was a staunch atheist and it’s reflected in his books. I don’t remember a stink being made when that movie came out.


cb Says:

The book is much better than the movie (naturally) and you get a bit more of an explanation for things. But it still doesn’t seem to be a ‘brilliant’ book as far as I’m concerned.

I should read the next two in the series.


Aravis Says:

I’ve read all three, and understand why Christians (or people from any religion, actually) would be angered by them. They are about as anti-religion as they come. Not being religious myself, that didn’t bother me so much. The concepts of the alternate worlds were fascinating, the third book a bit bleak. The ending of the third book is a little open-ended, but not really. And in answer to Dustin’s comment/question about the nature of the deity/corporation, the answer is


God is dying, not dead. The angels have taken over and are all basically greedy and evil, fighting over control. At least that’s how I remember it, but it’s been awhile.