Gun Control

So first up, I’m back from Vegas. I should be in bed, but not only am I still on Vegas time, I’m stoned. No not that kind of stoned. Yesterday I felt the twinges of it coming on, last night I was woken by it and now it’s here, a kidney stone! Fortunately it’s not one sending me into fits of vomitious excruciating pain, but it’s enough to annoy me and make me uncomfortable.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, which I’m sure will get picked up by search engines and get me all sorts of nasty comments! Bring it on Anne Coulter fans. I rarely get political on here, but this is something I kept seeing in Vegas that annoyed me, especially since the show COPS is filmed there. That is the topic of guns.

On several taxis going through the city was the advertisement for “The Gun Shop” which featured the photo of a fully automatic weapon and the tag line “Come try out a full-auto!” Every time it went by I thought to myself . . . . unless you are fighting in a war, exactly why do you need to own a full, hell even a semi-automatic weapon?

Gun control . . . . one of those political hot-bed issues. It was recently brought up in the Democratic debate because of new laws being passed in D.C., and they wanted the candidates view on it. It’s an issue that many, especially conservative republicans, get very heated over because it’s the second fricken amendment in the constitution.

Yes the constitution of the United States gives us the right to bear arms and defend ourselves. However there are also clauses in there to amend the constitution if needed, because the original framers were smart and knew times changed. This is something conservatives like to point out when . . . . oh . . . . I don’t know . . . . homosexuals want to get married? But you better not mess with the right to bear arms!

So again I’m back to the original question. Why does anyone not serving in the military need to own any kind of automatic weapon? The topic often reminds me of a few comedic skits. One I saw years ago and can’t remember the original comedian who did it. His point was when the constitution was written the framers had muskets in mind, which he followed with the rather lengthy mimic of pouring gun powder into a gun and loading the ball and firing . . . followed by saying NOT “eh eh eh eh eh” which was his imitation of an Uzi. The second skit came from an old sit-com, I think possibly “Designing Women” in which it was pointed out the irony in the use of an automatic weapon to engage in the “sport” of hunting.

I don’t know, I’m sleep deprived, and that stupid advertisement just bothered me a lot. Label me a gun-hating right stealing liberal if you want, I still am not sure anyone can give me a solid argument as to why they need to own an automatic weapon 🙂 Please note if you’re going to try and give me an answer, don’t make it “crime filled neighborhoods.” Cause frankly if you can afford one of these suckers, you can afford to move out of your bad neighborhood!


5 Responses to “Gun Control”

karen Says:

i totally agree with you. i hate guns. guns don’t kill people, people kill people. and people are stupid. how many people, children, are killed every year because they were playing with a gun? to own one from self protection…well, you are more likely to be shot by your own guns than to shoot an intruder. the second ammendment was written during a time of war where men needed guns to fight. we are no longer in a civil war, none military people have no need for them. an automatic weapon, i thought those were illegal. if no one had guns, including the police, the country would be safer. no one would be shot because the police “thought” the perp was grabbing for a gun and then proceed to empty two full clips of bullets before stopping to think and assess the situation. let our cops be like london cops, carry around billy clubs and pepper spray.


Terese Says:

I used to live in vegas 10 years back. There was actually a store called “Guns Drugs and Booze.” Maybe I have the words out of order, but that was also exactly what the sold. I was pretty shocked the first time I drove past it. I grew up around guns because my dad was a cop…but I’m with you Dustin. Why In the world would you need something so powerful? Now that I have a family of my own, there are NO guns in my house.


Becky Says:

I’m pretty sure that nobody needs to own an aoutomatic or semi-automatic weapon. What scares me even more than that is that some states (mine included), are thinking about allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons, if they have a permit!! I can only imagine the probelms that will occur if this happens.


Sherri Says:

Go Dustin, go Dustin, go Dustin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dustin for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Janelle Says:

I 100% agree with you. I do not own a gun, will not own a gun and don’t ever want to shoot a gun. I would be one of those fools who gets shot with their own gun by the person robbing them because I would be so scared and shaky.