Video Killed The Radio Star

Okay so I took the plunge recently . . . . I finally bought the video editing software I would need to do video blogs! It went on sale, at 25$ off the normal price, so I basically couldn’t pass it up. Now that I paid for it, I feel the need to use it. Of course the problem is, I don’t know what to make a video blog of! I hate having to look at myself and even more hear myself talk. I guess I’ll have to get over that though.

Anyway, I wrapped the birthday presents as tomorrow is the big day. I hope she (the BF’s niece) doesn’t notice that one of them is wrapped in Christmas paper! It’s red paper with very subtle snow flakes and other designs on it. Hey, we didn’t really have any birthday appropriate wrapping paper around.


3 Responses to “Video Killed The Radio Star”

boo1 Says:

I’m sure she won’t notice the wrapping paper. Most kids are too busy ripping it off to get to the gift. I hope the Birthday Girl has a wonderful party. MMMMM birthday cake, eat an extra slice for me. 🙂


Becky Says:

If she’s anything like my kids, she won’t even notice the wrapping paper! I can’t wait to see the end results of your new video software:)


mlp Says:

I always just flip the wrapping paper inside out and draw silly stuff all over it 🙂