My Childhood Is In!

So this weekend is the BF’s niece’s 7ths birthday. She’s having a pony party at the farm and I’ve been asked to basically take digital photos of all the kids on the pony. I think there is going to be like 30 of the little monsters, I mean adorable children there.

easybake.jpg Two weeks ago I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. “I don’t know, I can’t think of anything” was her response. She then said “I know a guitar pick! I have a guitar at home but no pick.” I said that was about a 5 cent present, think bigger. I started trying to give ideas, not really knowing what the heck was out there. The Barbie Dream House? No, she has the Barbie Princess Castle thing. My Little Pony? She has some of those. Cabbage Patch Kids? She has three and throws them on the ground and jumps on them (to kill them so she said, because they are pointless). An Easy Bake Oven? Well that got her attention and she wanted to know what that was. I told her this little plastic oven that makes cakes and cookies from the power of a light bulb. “Please get me that!” I explained I wasn’t sure if they made them anymore, so I’d have to look. Well I found out the do, and she still wants one. Everytime I’ve seen her she says “Dustin did you find the Easy Bake Oven?”

snoopy.jpg So off to Target it was today and not only did they have the Easy Bake Oven, but the fricken Snoopy Sno-Cone machine too! It was ten dollars, what a deal. I couldn’t believe they still made this thing, or why for some reason they re-issued it to put it back out on the market. I didn’t think Snoopy was that popular with the kids anymore. Perhaps it’s clever marketing, the kids who played with it probably have kids of their own and that’s how they are hoping it will get bought. I so wanted to get it. Fortunately someone else is going to get it for her, so I’ll get to play with both toys anyway 🙂

evel.jpg Speaking of toys making a come back, the other day I was stunned when I saw a store in the mall carrying the Evel Knievel motorbike and ramp jump set, complete with Evel figure. I guess it was reissued since he died recently, and again for nostalgic purposes. This too we had as kids. Actually I think it was given to my dad as a gag gift. I know eventually the bike got broken and thrown out, but for some reason we hung onto the Evel figure. Eventually he got tossed but for some dumb reason we still kept his helmet. I think the helmet might still be in a box of old action figures in my mom’s basement.

Now if only someone would put out the old Mego toys. They made the Buck Rogers, CHiPs, and Super Hero figures, including one of my favorite toys on earth, the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Doll. Below I’ve included a photo of me from my 3rd or 4th birthday, holding my original doll.



5 Responses to “My Childhood Is In!”

Emily Says:

You were cute. What the hell happened?


Dustin Says:

Your so mean to me Emily, it makes you know who cry 🙂


cb Says:

How nice that your parents knew you were gay when you were 3 or 4 so they could get you the Wonder Woman doll!

Oh, and I love how your niece has the whole “British Nanny Abuse” thing down by jumping on her cabbage patch dolls to kill them.


boo1 Says:

I had a easy bake oven when I was a kid. I got my daughter one when she was around 7. Make sure you buy LOTS OF EXTRA cookie and cake mixes, because they go fast. I’d also find some cute guitar picks to go in her card. 🙂


Becky Says:

What a cute picture!! I had an Easy Bake oven and my daughter had one, too. I think that every child should have the joy of making cakes that take 2 hours to cook by light bulb:) I’m going to have to look for the Snoopy Snow Cone machine next time I’m at Target! I loved mine:)