OMG! There was a lot of noise coming from the basement, like some cat was doing something it shouldn’t be, knocking stuff over and such. Well I go to look downstairs . . . Percy is looking up at me with a mouse in his mouth! YUCK! I thought at first he found a toy, but it was real! The BF said good for him and was going to let him EAT IT. I said absolutely not, you go down there and get it and throw it outside! Well it turns out, the fricken mouse was alive! Percy dropped it and now it ran off and is hiding in our basement. I’m sorry, the mouse has to go. What mouse would even bother coming into our house when we have 5 cats! Can’t they smell them. I love animals and stuff, but this mouse must get out now. I will not be able to sleep knowing the mouse might climb up the steps and get into our room.

Update: The mouse is dead. I went downstairs to look around, Grim the kitten was fixated on something. It was the dead mouse.


7 Responses to “Mouse!”

Sherri Says:

Please use a humane trap, one brand you can get are called mice cubes at Wal-mart. Hopefully, the experience freightened it enough that it found it’s way back out and isn’t even in your house anymore.


Dustin Says:

I plan to buy some tomorrow, but alas I think the mouse might be dead and eaten by them. I am trying to figure out how the sucker got in.


Becky Says:

Eww…I hate mice. Way to go Grim!


Megan Says:

I had a mouse experience last summer! EVERY night my Precious would catch the mouse and bring it into my room!! I always thought I would wake up and she would be up on the bed with it! Also, every night I would yell at her to get out and she would drop it and it would run! Finally I stayed at my BF’s one night and when I came back it was dead at the bottom of the steps! EWWW! LOL, I know what you mean about them coming inside to cats! I have 3 and the mice still show every once in awhile!


Cheryl Says:

Gross! I hate mice so much! I would probably get a humane trap if I ever had one but it would just find it’s way in! Good for Grim!


Kris Says:

Thanks for a good laugh!!! I understand having 2 cats of my own.


boo1 Says:

I HATE MICE. I vote kill them……real traps. Mice multiply really fast, I mean really fast. Not for sure about this but I was told they can get into the smallest crack or under a door. I never have seem any up stairs but I have found mouse droppings on the shelves in the basement (GROSS), in the past. I sat real traps. If I just caught them and let them go the nasty little things would just come right back in to the warm house. We also have a cat. I think she keeps from coming up stairs.