Total Eclipse of the Heart


The BF has been busting on me cause the past two days I’ve been, shall we say, slow to get out of my jammies after waking up. Well I’m not going anywhere, I’m sitting in front of my PC typing all day! Yesterday I did put normal clothes on, around 4pm. Today I’m not even bothering. My jamies are more comfy. Like I said, if I knew I was going out, I’d put on clothes. The only time I’m going out is to walk the dogs. I put on a big winter coat and probably look stupid in jammie pants to passers by, but I don’t care.

Tonight is a total lunar eclipse, if you hadn’t heard. It starts at 9pm EST and lasts till about 10pm. Of course currently it’s snowing here. Finally we get some snow, but on the day I’d rather have it clear so I can see the eclipse.


6 Responses to “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Becky Says:

Those are awesome slippers:) Do the dogs try to eat them ot chase after them at all? I’m all for staying in jammies all day. I think your BF is just jealous cause he can’t:)


boo1 Says:

I live for the weekends, so I can stay in my nightgown, robe, and fuzzy socks.


Janelle Says:

I LOVE THE SLIPPERS!! On the weekend, if I’m not doing anything, I stay in my jammies too and the fact you say “jammies” is what makes you super cool in my book!!


Dustin Says:

Nikko used to try and eat the slippers lol. He’s been good lately and doesn’t destroy anything. Obviously getting yelled at so many times finally sunk in.


David Says:

The eclipse last night was very cool. Se spent the commercials during Idol looking out the window. I’m sure the neighbors loved that, the moon was right over their house


Aravis Says:

Love the slippers! With footwear like that, who’d want to get changed? *G*