Ho Hum

I’m trying to adjust and get back into the groove of things and work. I’m still working on the vacation recap slowly and to get more photos up. I realized I never uploaded my photos to my webshots from LAST years cruise. My bad! For some reason I thought I had, but then I remembered that was when I was in the midst of computer troubles and dealing with HP to get my laptop fixed.

Slowly getting the house cleaned up bit by bit each day. The chore of course will be to KEEP it clean and straightened up once I get it there. One day I will tackle the hell hole that has become the basement, but not this day or year. The BF meanwhile is planning to re-wallpaper the bathroom, and possibly do something more in there, I don’t know. It does need to be redone . . . badly.

The lack of anything on TV lately is getting to me and is not helped by the lack of anything to rent at the video store! Big Brother 9 starts soon and will probably take over my television viewing habits once again. I just hope there is a more entertaining crew this time, not filled with people I just loath.

I wish I had something more thrilling or exciting to blog about, but I don’t. Oh for those who missed the New Years Eve cam craziness, this Friday as well as next Thursday might be a bit insane 😛


4 Responses to “Ho Hum”

Janelle Says:

Dustin, I didn’t know you were a BB fan! I swear we must have been twins in a past life, LOL. Your all time favorite player was Janelle right??? I’m just saying… 🙂


Lori Says:

I see Big Brother, and Survivor are starting up,, Double the fun!


Becky Says:

I can’t wait for Big Brother to start! I love being able to truly hate someone:)


boo1 Says:

MY computer will be on this friday and next thursday. LOL, I better see something. I have no life, please entertain me. LOST, is back, rerun tonight, recap show and the new show tomorrow. I can’t wait. Do you watch LOST?