Dragonlance: The Animated Movie

Long before Harry Potter, Dragonlance was the first serious of fantasy books I really got hooked on. I loved them dearly, and Weiss and Hickman are still to this day churning out new books in the series. Currently they are taking a look back at the “War of the Lance” volumes from the evil doers perspective, filling in many of the stories.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight is the first in the series, and has just been released as an animated movie. It is about how the heroes of the lance came together to essentially battle the dragon highlords and save their world of Krynn from the evil queen Tahkisses. It stars the voice talents of Lucy Lawless, Michael Rosenbaum and Kiefer Sutherland. The voice acting was superb, as was the score. The animation however I felt fell a little flat. The dragons were all computer generated and imposed on the traditional cell animation for the rest of the characters. The cell animation is where I found fault, as it didn’t seem sharp at all. At times it was blurry and even appeared to suffer from ghost images. It was almost as if they took an animated movie, captured it onto their computer at a lower quality and then put that onto the DVD.

All in all though I enjoyed it. At 14 bucks, one can’t complain too much. If you are a fan of the books you’ll probably enjoy seeing the book brought to life. I’m just hoping that it does well enough that they will release more in the series.

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