So movie night with Emily has been cancelled, well postponed again till next weekend. She seems to have caught the virtual blog sickness. It’s like “The Ring,” transferred through technology! I’m still getting over my cold too, and as usual with me, when it rains it pours. I passed a kidney stone this morning. I felt the signs of one coming on last night. Fortunately it magically moved through the night and it didn’t seem to get stuck anywhere and send me into excruciating pain. It came out with almost no problems this morning.

In two weekends Keith is going to make another attempt to come up and visit. This trip too has been postponed many times. He swears he is coming this time, no cancellations. We shall see 🙂

I’m going to take advantage of the nice fall weather this weekend to try and take some pictures and movies of the farm. Then when I get time I’ll put them together for my first video blog, probably sometime next week. I have a full schedule this weekend of school work. I’ve mapped out what I’m doing each day and by damned I will not let myself be distracted! I will allow myself downtime at night and a break now and then during the day (which is when I’ll take the photos and movies probably).


One Response to “Cancelled!”

Aravis Says:

When you’re done mapping out your schedule, will you map out mine? Pretty please?