I did in fact get hit with the virtual blog cold 🙁 However I am doing much better today than I was yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll be almost back to normal. I had to force myself to go to bed really early (cold medication has helped there) and I think the good nights sleep have helped. I need to be 100% by this weekend’s movie night, or Emily will come over and kill me while I sleep and then I’ll be another ghost in the house!

Alas I haven’t been experimenting with the video blog software because I’ve been sick. I don’t need to be on camera looking like hell 🙂 I have a couple ideas for what to do, I just have to figure out and of course find the time to execute them.


3 Responses to “Recovering”

boo1 Says:

Glad you’re feeling better. I’d really like to see the farm in a movie. Do you and your BF make a living from the farm? I planted a very sad little garden this summer.


Emily Says:



Aravis Says:

My cold is finally about done. Hope you can say the same thing soon!